Dwight Howard Speaks On Possibly Joining the 76ers

Either, Dwight Howard has a sick sense of humor or he is totally oblivious to how this is making him look.

They might as well schedule a “Decision” show at the All-Star game and let Dwight announce what team he wants to go to.  He could have all the NBA teams hats on a table and can just choose the one he will be taking his talents to.

So Dwight, would you like to play for the 76ers?

“This is a great team. They’re playing great basketball right now. For myself, it’s a blessing to be wanted by a lot of teams and cities. I feel honored. Right now, the only thing I can control is what I do with my team,” Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard said diplomatically. “The Sixers do look great. They’ve got some great fans behind them. But my job is to my team. And I’m going to continue to lead my team no matter what.”

Who is Dwight’s PR person?

Is this part of their masterplan?

We already know that……………..


Why does he has to continue to make these type of statements, if someone knows please enlighten me.


6 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Speaks On Possibly Joining the 76ers

  • Wft wrong with Dwight?! Like seriously?!

    • Meant wtf…

  • so…now every team that beats them make his hot list??…what a poor misguided soul…dwight?…for a low six figure price i can teach you when NOT to speak..look me up on facebook

  • Y’all don’t have to live with Raefer Alston being replaced in the Finals by Jameer Nelson. Y’all don’t have Stan Van Dummy as your coach. Dwight is getting even with the Magic screwing him.

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