Eva Longoria Trying to Get Rid of Tony Parker Tattoo

After Tony Parker was alledgely playing Bed Gammon with a teammates wife, Eva decided she had enough and bounced from the marriage.

One small probably she has a tattoo of Tony Parker’s number on her neck and is having a hard time getting it removed.

Eva Longoria has had enough of Tony Parker, both in marriage and on her body, because she went to a famous tattoo guy Wednesday to begin the final process of 86’ing the “NINE” tattoo on her neck.

Nine, of course, is Tony’s number on the San Antonio Spurs, but it’s not sitting well with Eva now that she’s divorced from Parker. We’ve learned she went to Dr. Tattoff — the famous tattoo removal guy — Wednesday to get all traces of the tat removed.

There were reports Eva tried to laser off the tattoo, but it didn’t do the trick.

As someone who has dated women with guys tatted on them, it can be a bit odd and off putting to see that. Hopefully Dr. Tattoff (I see what he did there) will be able to help her out.

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  • Marking your body up like a billboard is a dumb idea to begin with…. To each his own. It just ain’t me….

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