Evelyn Lozada, Cash Money Records Book “The Wives Association” Now Available

I know what people are thinking.

How can you write a book on being an athlete’s wife, when you never been an athlete’s wife?

You guys still listen to Skip Bayless, when you know he isn’t an analyst right?  You listen for the drama, not the substance.

Evelyn is a hustler, if she isn’t your cup of tea don’t buy the book which is being published by Cash Money Records, but my instincts tell me that women who want the “blueprint” on capturing a baller will be rushing to Amazon to Pre-order their copy.

The book is allegedly fiction, as it follows Evelyn’s alter ego Eve Inez-Landon, but people just do that so they can tell a story without being sued.

I am sure there is an Antoine Walker character in the book called Shimmy Anderson or something stupid like that.

More power to her and it looks like her bet to become Ocho’s eye candy has worked out since they are going to the Super Bowl.