Falcons Ray Edwards Breaks Up With Stripper Lastarya Over Texts to Giants Victor Cruz?



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Dating a stripper, doctor, Swedish Nanny and etc all come with risks.

With that being said you sort of had the feeling that Edwards and Lastarya wouldn’t last because it is one thing dating a stripper who owns up to his stripper lifestyle it is a totally another thing to date a stripper who starts quoting bible scriptures the day after you get together.

You know it is over when they go to Facebook with it.

The amount of simping is also alarming.

That fast food gossip site says the straw that broke the Defensive End’s back was sexy text messages Lastarya sent to Giants Victor Cruz.

That would make the playoff game more interesting, don’t know how true it is.

Considering the source that probably was just adding in to add a little sizzle to the story, but as the saying go you can’t turn a Ho into a Housewife, so can’t totally dismiss it.

If Edwards tackles Cruz while he is doing his salsa dance then we will know.


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