Floyd Mayweather & 50 Cent Do BFF Twipic Photoshoot, Posing With Money


I know it bothers some people, but it doesn’t bother me when Floyd and 50 walk around with cash.

First off it isn’t my money.

Secondly, none of my business if they want to do BFF poses with cash.

My hope is as it is for anyone in this world is that they don’t end up like Antoine Walker.  People see this and assume they are dummies, but they are both pretty smart individuals in their own special way.

No Twin beds though?


  1. They look real fruity together in that hotel room, lol.

    If 50 and Money wanna act like they’re 9 years old showing off paper like it’s a new toy, oh well I guess….

  2. Ya’ll just a bunch of jealous A$$ wanksta’s
    I’m that N**** at the bar toastin to tha good life,
    Ya’ll some N**** on in the corner tryin to hold me back right..

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