Floyd Mayweather Issues a Statement: “I Only Want Pacquiao”

I don’t have anything else to say on this.

Read and it call me when someone actually signs a contract.

I don’t want to fight nobody else but him. Nobody! I want him. I don’t want to fight Cotto. Not Canelo. And I ain’t looking to fight Marquez a second time. Nobody! I want him! I only want one person, Pacquiao…It could be Cotto, it could be Canelo, but I’m not trying to fight either one of them. May 5th, I’m looking to fight Manny Paquiao. Why is he duckin’ and dodgin’ me? I mean, you say you’re a clean athlete, I’m a clean athlete, let’s take the tests and let’s fight. Like I said before, May 5th, sure, it could be Cotto, or it could be Canelo, but I don’t want to fight them. I don’t want to fight nobody but one person, Manny Pacquiao. That’s the only one I want to fight. Right now, my team may be looking for me to fight one of the other top guys out there, but I’m looking to fight one person…Everybody knows that all my business is handled in a professional manner. I got people that work for me that handle my business. Everybody knows that Al Haymon is my go-to guy,”