Freddie Roach Says Pacquiao Will Make Decision on Mayweather Fight in 48 Hours


One or two things are going to happen very quickly.

Either Mayweather and Pacquiao are going to figure out a way to get this fight done or there are going to be a ton of irate boxing fans.

Freddie Roach has been pretty silent on the whole thing, but he finally has given his thoughts on the matter.

Manny Pacquiao could decide today or tomorrow whether he will fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 5th — this according to Manny’s trainer.

Freddie Roach just told TMZ Manny and promoter Bob Arum are in the Philippines, figuring out if they can put off several deals to fight other boxers … to clear the decks for a Mayweather fight in May.

Roach is scoffing at Mayweather’s tweet, in which he calls Pacquiao a “punk,” saying, “He should look in the mirror. He’s been ducking us for 2 years.”

If someone is bluffing their card will be pulled and the whole world will see who is truly ducking who.


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