Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul Guarantees Win Over Packers

I never have a problems with guarantees you know why?

If you are wrong for the most part no one remembers, but if you are right you can act like you are Joe Namath.  In the grand scheme of things they mean nothing except it gives us something to talk about.

Check out the JPP quote.

“We’re going to win. A hundred percent we’re going to win. … Because we’re the best.”

People are trying to say this Giants team is similar to the one that won the Super Bowl in 2007.  I don’t think the Packers are unbeatable, but I would consider it a minor upset if the Giants won, I think they have more flaws that the 2007 team.

The Giants played the Packers close last meeting and the recipe for them to win is simple, they are going to have to score often, take advantage of opportunities and not make mistakes.

We will see.