Giants Victor Cruz Turns Downs “Dancing With the Stars” Wants to Concentrate on Football

It doesn’t matter to me what these guys do in the off season.

If Victor Cruz wanted to capitalize on his new found fame by going on Dancing with the Stars more power to him because you never know how long you will be hot.

If he turns it down because he wants to concentrate on being a better player that is fine too.  There are no right or wrong decisions with something like this no matter what ESPN or Bob Costas tells you.

Cruz said Friday that he turned down an offer from ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” He said he “kind of knew” the offer was coming, but as soon as his agent mentioned the letter from ABC, Cruz knew he’d decline.

“Probably a no,” Cruz said. “Definitely a no. Because I just want to be focused on football and focused on what’s to come. I’m just not at the point in my career where I feel like I need to do that.”

Cruz said ABC would have wanted him “like March through June or May or something like that,” and the time commitment was just too rigorous for him to strongly consider it.

“They said it was like 20 hours a week or something like that,” he said. “I was like, ‘I’m not down, I’m not down with that.’ We’re in the postseason, that’s like 18 weeks. I’ve had enough practice.”

As long as he keep catching those touchdowns he will have plenty of time to dance.