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HS Football Star Yuri Wright Expelled Over “I Need Some P*ssy” Tweets

by Robert Littal | Posted on Friday, January 20th, 2012
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I didn’t know you could get expelled from a school for comments made on your personal twitter account.  It is High School, wasn’t like he was working for GM.

The interesting thing is Yuri Wright’s Twitter account was private, but as he found out nothing is private on Twitter.

Yuri Wright, one of those two Rivals 100 Bosco stars, was expelled from school on Wednesday. The reason: a bunch of profane/graphic posts to his Twitter account. The account (which no longer exists, of course) was protected, but enough people followed him that word got around, and once they became widely-known public knowledge, apparently Bosco couldn’t take the bad publicity – perhaps especially in the wake of pieces like the above-linked New Yorker story and this one at The Classical.

I don’t understand this.

Wright is a kid and kids tweet and leave stupid Facebook statues like this all the time.


As a parent I would fight him being expelled. If Wright was at home tweeting his thoughts, what does that have to do with the school? Do they check every student’s Twitter and Facebook account and kick them out for dumb comments?

If they did there wouldn’t be a lot of kids left in the school.

If Wright is denied an opportunity for a college career because of some stupid Tweets, that is sad, as if those colleges aren’t corrupt themselves.

Hypocrites to the highest degree.

Wright has learned a hard lesson, when you are well known everything you say will be used against you, fairly or not.


Here is the official reason why Wright was expelled.

Wright was expelled from Don Bosco Prep High School in Ramsey, N.J., on Wednesday, his high school coach, Greg Toal, confirmed to numerous media outlets.

“He was expelled from the school for the things he had written on Twitter,” Toal told ESPNNewYork.com. “It was pretty simple really, what he wrote were some graphic sex things. This is a Catholic school, things like that cannot happen. It was totally inappropriate.”

Wright, a senior cornerback, was warned about social media consequences, according to Toal. Wright’s account, which had more than 1,600 followers, has been deleted.

“We told them about 10 or 15 times to get off (Twitter) and not to be involved in it, but there is always somebody who thinks he knows better.” Toal told ESPNNewYork.com. “What he wrote was pretty bad, to be honest with you, I can’t even say what he wrote.

“He was told on numerous occasions not to be Twittering and there are consequences for his actions.”

Once again the question begs did the school just single out Wright or do they screen every single student’s social media spaces?  If they do not then they are hypocrites to the highest degree.

Wright is dumb for not listening to the multiple warnings he was given, but the kid only had 1600 plus followers and his Tweets were private, the only reason we know about this is because the school got all high and mighty.

Show me proof the school monitors the debate team or even better do they screen the faculty?

Until then the school is a fraud and I would still consider taking legal action if I was Wright.

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  1. Darrell Hempel says:

    Because he did what he was specifically told NOT to do, and is being punished – he should sue?

    THIS is part of the problem with society today – black, white, gay, straight, Republican, Democrat – taking responsibility for one’s actions is a thing of the past. It doesn’t matter if the school monitors the debate team or not – if the coach asked/told the team to get off Twitter, then he should have stopped. Period.

    And how dare you for insinuating that this kid will be “denied an opportunity for a college career” when so many young, underprivileged children can’t go to college because they can’t afford it AND they don’t play sports. Oh, yeah – because he’s an ATHLETE, he should be exempt from the rules. Feh.

  2. Leila says:

    Okay, I’ll weigh in on this. I don’t see anything racist about the school expelling him. Don Bosco is near where I live, like it our not, it is a prestigious traditionally religious based private school, one of the best in the area. In ANY school, public or private, students must sign a code of conduct, by attending the school you are supposed to be an ambassador, a representative of the school inside and outside its walls. Code of conduct extends past the school. For example at my public high school, if you get in trouble over the weekend they would suspend you come monday. Don Bosco has every right to protect their reputation.
    As for universities, they want people who are going to make a positive impression on the university, who are going to contribute something bigger than themselves. Ask yourself honestly, would you give someone a job if you heard them talking like that or saw those tweets? Hell no, in a lot of ways going to college is a job and should be treated like it. Black, White, Asian, whatever you are, keep those thoughts to yourself, in the end he just sounds ignorant. I’m a black 20 year old and I’d still say that no matter what race he is.

  3. GB says:

    1) I’m not sure I agree that his tweets were racist or anti-Semitic. They weren’t the most sensitive, but that’s completely different than being bigoted. They were misogynistic though.

    2) He is NOT being denied a college career. He’s not being recruited, he’s not getting an athletic scholarship, and he’s not getting easier admissions in exchange for playing on their teams. He is completely free to apply anywhere he chooses. If every school he applies to rejects him, he can enroll in community college or some for-profit school. He has plenty of opportunities to get an education.

    3) Being on a team is a privilege, not a right. And all members are expected to adhere to basic codes of conduct to maintain their privilege. We have many examples in history of heads turning the other way when an athlete does something bad and that’s not okay, but it is also NOT an excuse to continue to turn their heads. He’s 17 or 18 years old and that’s old enough to have the basic judgement to not say things like this (hopefully) at all but definitely not in a forum that is so public. (Protected or not, 1600 followers makes your twitter feed public) He’s not a kid. He should have known better and now he’s paying the price for his idiocy.

    4) Regarding his school, it’s a private school and thus allowed to enforce moral expectations from their students. Someone brought up the Catholic church’s recent scandal. Guess what. That scandal has nothing to do with Catholicism and definitely has nothing to do with this school. It has to do with a (sadly large) group of individuals in a position of power who hurt or covered up bad/criminal behavior. But unless you can prove that this school’s administrators played a role in that scandal, they’re not responsible for it and thus not hypocrites here.

    He did something stupid, for which he has no one to blame but his own self. Now, he’s paying the price for his poor judgement.

    Also, did you see his English? He doesn’t even know the difference between organism and orgasm.

    • GB says:

      Also an important note about his college career:

      Aside from the fact that you’re incorrect about his college career disappearing, his college football career is not over either. The big schools are pulling their offers, but many other schools aren’t. He’ll still get a scholarship somewhere. If he does well, he’ll still have a shot at the NFL (assuming that’s his goal). People love a good comeback story and are forgiving, so if he can prove (or even just trick) everyone into thinking he learned his lesson and is a better person, he may even still have a shot at being famous and admired.

  4. Justin says:

    It’s things like this that absolutely fire me up. I understand that he could have used better judgement; however, the HUGE piece that a lot of people aren’t piecing together is that almost every high school student on twitter has those days in which they just go on absolute tweeting rampages and say whatever is on their mind. We’re all entitled to expressing ourselves. What this older generation isn’t understanding is that social media is the current trend. People in 1967 were saying the EXACT same types of things. The only difference is how it was said. To be completely honest, the vast majority of you scrutinizing this kid are those type of people who call every black person a “nigger” or refuse to let your child date a person of any other race. I truly believe that a lot of you white males are fired up about his desire for a “white bitch”. Am I saying he’s right for the racist comments? No, that isn’t acceptable; however, in no way shape or form does it warrant the destruction of his future. The sexual comments? Please…get that shit out of here. Sexually based statements are HUMAN NATURE. I’m sure a lot of the men reading this right now thought about the next time they were going to get laid after reading his tweets about “pussy”. Situations like this are ones in which we need to define what free speech truly covers. How can you look down on him for saying things about jews when there’s a guy commenting on here saying Wright is the “Dumb Nigger of the year” recipient. IS THAT GUY NOT AT FAULT? IS HE GOING TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS POST? The big point I’m making is that what place is any school in to determine what’s permittable and what isn’t when relating to our constitutional rights, regardless of whether they’re a private school or public school? It’s sad that this kid is missing out on going to Michigan for tweets that thousands of other regular teens are posting at this very second. Where are their expulsion papers at? Go sit in a high school cafeteria for one lunch period. I can guarantee you that if you hold them to the same standards as Wright is being held to, ALMOST 90% OF THOSE STUDENTS WOULD BE UP!!!

  5. Scott LaPeer says:

    Legal action? It’s a private school. They can expel you for a lot less if the deem it against their standards. As a product of private school myself, trust me… this was WELL below the standards of behavior for students. Tough way to learn a lesson, if he learned 1 at all.

  6. Dan says:

    They don’t have to monitor every student’s social media spaces. In fact, they wouldn’t be able to because they are protected, as Wright’s page was. But when one becomes so well known for being that vulgar and opposed to the founding principles of the school, of course they have to expel him. If they didn’t, they’d be hypocrites for letting it slide because he was a top recruit.

  7. ocbevmo says:

    wow, imagine a white kid saying something like this about blacks….rev sharpton would demand his expulsion.

  8. CW says:

    People defending Yuri need to get real… even a white kid would get the boot if this was posted all over his twitter account. Only 1600 people? I hope his mother isn’t one of them because that’s embarrassing…

  9. Rhett says:

    Division I colleges are hyper-aware of Twitter. Just about every college has had some minor or major controversy by now. He did more damage to himself just by tweeting than Don Bosco did by expelling him.

    But, it looks like he’s going to Colorado. If ever there were a school that needs to take chances on kids.

  10. derek says:

    this is the stupidest opinion piece i have ever read. robert littal, you are the second dumbest person in the world besides yuri wright. you further the problem of racist stereotypes by trying to justify these actions. i am dumbfounded after having read something so nonsensical and moronic

  11. Dave says:

    This is NO different than BYU’s honor code. If you break the rules at a PRIVATE school then you don’t belong. Yes this kid is immature and is an idiot, and he will now learn a lesson from this. For this “news” site to say that it is wrong for them to expel him, then you are part of the reason that kids are acting like this and get away. Yea lets blame the school for punishment and not the kid, great logic BSO, great logic!

  12. Joe Blo says:

    Based on his tweets, I think he spent all his time prowling for women when he should have been in the classroom. What a class act.

  13. WT says:

    I just read some of the comments, some of his tweets, and am surprised by the responses. What he did was express: a total lack of common sense, his own ignorance, and that apparently his is immature. No school is going to want that in an 18 year old senior – it reflects poorly on them. No university, particularly one that has a class full of other good recruits that haven’t created a public uproar, is going to take a chance on him. As to the line of reasoning that question whether or not his statements are offensive/don’t all other 18 years boys talk like this: he offended many people, many people who don’t act like this, don’t act like this in public, or don’t believe you should act like this in public or private (He pretty much offended everyone who has a sense of common decency. Those who are permissive of ALL behavior think it is ok, a big minority in the responsible-for-a university or very-good-Catholic-High School-group). Twitter is public – private account or not. He is very lucky that he gets to go to Colorado.

  14. Expelled? For that? Crude? Yes. But expelled? WTF? Political Correct fascism is totally out of control.

  15. William Allen says:

    Wow….this kid is really the bottom of the barrel. Sure, kids say stupid stuff all the time but most (virtually all?) are smart enough to NOT put it on Twitter. And since he’s in the public eye considering his “talents”, only a brain-dead idiot loser would do so. It all makes me wonder, if someone is this stupid, is he even remotely qualified intellectually to enter a major college?

  16. Nuratikah says:

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  17. Camilly says:

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