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HS Football Star Yuri Wright Expelled Over “I Need Some P*ssy” Tweets

by Robert Littal | Posted on Friday, January 20th, 2012
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I didn’t know you could get expelled from a school for comments made on your personal twitter account.  It is High School, wasn’t like he was working for GM.

The interesting thing is Yuri Wright’s Twitter account was private, but as he found out nothing is private on Twitter.

Yuri Wright, one of those two Rivals 100 Bosco stars, was expelled from school on Wednesday. The reason: a bunch of profane/graphic posts to his Twitter account. The account (which no longer exists, of course) was protected, but enough people followed him that word got around, and once they became widely-known public knowledge, apparently Bosco couldn’t take the bad publicity – perhaps especially in the wake of pieces like the above-linked New Yorker story and this one at The Classical.

I don’t understand this.

Wright is a kid and kids tweet and leave stupid Facebook statues like this all the time.


As a parent I would fight him being expelled. If Wright was at home tweeting his thoughts, what does that have to do with the school? Do they check every student’s Twitter and Facebook account and kick them out for dumb comments?

If they did there wouldn’t be a lot of kids left in the school.

If Wright is denied an opportunity for a college career because of some stupid Tweets, that is sad, as if those colleges aren’t corrupt themselves.

Hypocrites to the highest degree.

Wright has learned a hard lesson, when you are well known everything you say will be used against you, fairly or not.


Here is the official reason why Wright was expelled.

Wright was expelled from Don Bosco Prep High School in Ramsey, N.J., on Wednesday, his high school coach, Greg Toal, confirmed to numerous media outlets.

“He was expelled from the school for the things he had written on Twitter,” Toal told ESPNNewYork.com. “It was pretty simple really, what he wrote were some graphic sex things. This is a Catholic school, things like that cannot happen. It was totally inappropriate.”

Wright, a senior cornerback, was warned about social media consequences, according to Toal. Wright’s account, which had more than 1,600 followers, has been deleted.

“We told them about 10 or 15 times to get off (Twitter) and not to be involved in it, but there is always somebody who thinks he knows better.” Toal told ESPNNewYork.com. “What he wrote was pretty bad, to be honest with you, I can’t even say what he wrote.

“He was told on numerous occasions not to be Twittering and there are consequences for his actions.”

Once again the question begs did the school just single out Wright or do they screen every single student’s social media spaces?  If they do not then they are hypocrites to the highest degree.

Wright is dumb for not listening to the multiple warnings he was given, but the kid only had 1600 plus followers and his Tweets were private, the only reason we know about this is because the school got all high and mighty.

Show me proof the school monitors the debate team or even better do they screen the faculty?

Until then the school is a fraud and I would still consider taking legal action if I was Wright.

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  1. James says:

    “Until then the school is a fraud” So you’re saying they’re guilty until proven innocent? Don’t be ridiculous.

  2. Heavy D says:

    He was given a free education at Don Bosco and look where that got him! As far as splashing the Jewish woman, No it’s not racist unless he was specifically targeting Jewish women. I’d say the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.
    When you’re a player for the #1 HS team in the country all eyes are on you and the program. Maybe they need to revamp the learning curriculum at Don Bosco? The spotlight can be a cruel place so learn to act responsibly!

    • Lilgtogirl says:

      You are full of crap and you know it. So if I told you that I splashed a black guy while speeding you would not think it was racist? The fact that he POSTED it showed that he thought it was funny. If it was not a big deal, he just would have said he splashed a woman. You see you black people have bitched for years, and now you are taking back everything you said because you are now the racists and we are not putting up with it. If blacks would just shut their mouths, they would get farther in life.

      • Al Young says:

        Obviously this young man has a lot of growing up to do. And truly there is no need to address that. As I am sure you will probably agree that regardless of your race or ethnicity all young adults as well as older adults are constantly learning. But for you to make a general statement as to blacks need to shut their mouths??? I was fine with the reaction of the school in response to his transgressions, but I will not set aside the gnorance of your comment. You start off as if you want justice for the action of one young man, but you went on to condemn a whole race. If you aren’t as bad and as stupid as he is. Now, I am a black man that sides with the school for their expulsion, but are you saying that because he was ignorant that I should sit in a corner and be quiet and just wait for whatever it is that you decide I should have??? You are an idiot full of hate your damn self, but you are to chicken shit to expoese under your own name so those that you interactive with everyday don’t know who you are. You are a cowardess of the highest esteem not even worthy of my time or comment, but I want you to know that you are no less ignorant than the 18 year old that you are condemning. And the stupid ass comment that you made about black people exposes your racism. And you expect me or any other intelligent person of color to accept that shit!!!! You are truly living in a house of cards and I challenge to come out from behind this web name and show everyone who you are so that your community can know who you are. See, that’s what happened to him… Because of his notariety he was unable to get away with these dubious and ill conceived comments… But you hide behind a cloak of disguise that he was not afforded. So show yourself and be judged!!! By the way, if the color of my skin determines whether or not what I say merits any value, what does the lack of color mean for those without it???? Don’t respond until you are able to intellectually respond devoid of emotion, or you just prove my point… Race has nothing to do with a damn thing!!! Idiocracy, stupidity and asinity comes in all races, creeds and colors and apparently sex has no bearing at all either!

      • Dvious1 says:

        Lilgtogirl–YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!!! Not quite on board with HOW you couched it but I totally agree with your premise. Quit throwing the race card when it is convenient. Indiscriminate accusations of racism is EXACTLY what keeps racism alive. It truly baffles me how SUBJECTIVE “racism” has become. Things only seem “racist” if the situation ISN’T to the advantage or is critical to the accuser. funny how that happens, huh.

      • kasha says:

        Boo Hoo!! You whites are always complaining about people of any color. If you whites would stop thinking that your kind is better then all the other races and step down from that high horse you people ride on, maybe the world would be a better place.

        • Tre says:

          Kasha, us “whites”? This has nothing to do with complaining about a “color”. It doesn’t matter what color the kid is…he’s an idiot. The young man tweets about things that someone in his position with the spotlight he is under should know better than to post. You can be an idiot no matter what color you are. I could ride by on my “high horse” but with morons like him continuing to skate through, it still makes the world a worse place. Color aside!

          • Jim says:

            You guys know that being Jewish isn’t a race right. If he anything happened because the lady was Jewish than it would’ve been anti semitic.

        • wow says:

          HAHA you dumb oil bucket

      • YourAclown says:

        Yes you are quite the little girl. Who is this we that are not putting up with anything with your anonymous ass lmao Sit down clown

      • Stacie Young says:

        Right now, “Liltogirl” you sound very racist. “Black people have been bitching…” “If they would just shut up they would get far” As if black people had nothing to bitch about, right? I mean, they were not denied simple rights like the ability to vote, sit where they want, eat where they want, or marry who they wanted. Or just protest about these injustices without being beat up, lynched or killed, right? I’m 67 years old and I’ve BEEN THERE, ok. You sound incredibly ignorant and I suggest you go back and learn your history before you open your mouth about an entire race of people based on the comments of a few.

      • Stacie Young says:

        Oh and “Lilgtogirl” When you said they might get fartherin life if they’d shut up, is the White House far enough?

        • OFX039 says:

          This matter has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with poor judgement, whatever your race is. Wright was warned numerous times to cease, and desist. He did neither. An example of how untouchable Wright thought he was. If Wright really understood the hardships of African-Americans, he would have respected what he had a lot more. The young man is not a victim.

    • Mark says:

      Yes, it IS racist if he mentioned a Jewish woman. He called her out as Jewish, didnt he?

      • Jim says:

        Yes I’m not arguing that. I’m saying that Judaism isn’t a race. It’s a religion. You can have black and white people being Jewish. It might have been anti semitic but it wasn’t racist because Judaism isn’t a race.

        • Joseph says:

          Well, being a Jew is both a religion and race, so you’re wrong there.

          If he’d been repeatedly warned that it was against school/team rules, a team/school he voluntarily joined, then the school has every right to pull it.

          And while litogirl said that very poorly and showed herself to be a bit of a racist as well, she does have a point. I’ve (unfortunately) been around a lot of young blacks that think it’s fine to make fun of hispanics, asians, whites, or any other ethnicity, but get furious if anyone makes fun of them. Take it as you will, but there does appear to be a double standard in many people’s eyes.

    • D.A.Wright says:

      Seems to me like this kid was feeling himself, and no one (parents) reigned him in.I have a niece on Twitter and when she gets a little over the top I tell her, because her Mom isn’t on the site. They didn’t just snatch him up. He had been warned several times.In life there are consequences, and people will at some point uphold them. I know I was a handful at that age, sans the notoriety, but believe – that would have been a done deal. He’s jeopardized his future, gotten expelled, and will wear this stain for some time to come, if not for the expulsion then for the actual content of the tweets.His parents didn’t know about this? I’m sure they knew about the warnings. This doesn’t look good going forward – on any level.

  3. Jimmy Neutron says:

    He’s not just “a kid”. He’s a small-time celebrity, about to get even more (in)famous, with thousands of followers seeing what he writes on Twitter. And the school warned him about a dozen times to stop doing it. It’s just a case of ego and arrogance overtaking common sense.

    Plus, looking at his spelling, grammar and general ignorance, he should be going back to grade school, not college.

  4. Joe says:

    whoever wrote this is an idiot

  5. Darius Jones says:

    I’m surprised the author chose to somewhat defend rather than totally condemn this kid. I have to question why.

  6. Joseph Means says:

    To the author: It was a Catholic School, who is privately owned, and has an established code of ethics that students know they have to adhere to. He was a moron. What if were a white student saying his dad just splashed a black lady with mad water? What would your reaction be? Bet it would not be sticking up for the kid or his parents. You didn’t even address the racial motivated remarks. Tough lesson to learn but he was warned.

  7. Heavy D says:

    He was given a free education at Don Bosco and look where that got him! As far as splashing the Jewish woman, No it’s not racist unless he was specifically targeting Jewish women. I’d say the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.
    When you’re a player for the #1 HS team in the country all eyes are on you and the program. Maybe they need to revamp the learning curriculum at Don Bosco? The spotlight can be a cruel place so learn to act responsibly!!

  8. Matt says:

    Just be aware, your last line for him to take legal option, when a student attends a private school you essentially waive away your 1st amendment right to free speech. So the school is totally within their rights to remove him from their association. Now is that fair? That’s up for debate, but I’m sure (as you bring up) this kid (key word “kid”) is a great athlete and will play in college. He’s not the first, nor the last, to make a post or tweet or whatever that some take offense to. That’s part of growing up, learning from your mistakes.

  9. W Taylor says:

    He attended a Catholic school and there is most likely a code of conduct the students are given and that they agree to abide by. He was given many warnings and chose not to heed them. Sad. Was he on scholarship at Don Boscoe? If so, one would think he might follow the rules of the institution that was paying for your education for you.

  10. Chris says:

    First off Jewish is not a race, it is a religion. Second, do you think the members of the debate team, who are by all accounts brighter young minds than Wright’s, posted anything like this? More than likely they are smarter than that. As for monitoring all of them that’s a stretch. Also, when it occurs multiple times it is a problem. He was warned and didn’t stop, it is HIS fault. The author of this article is absurd. If the kid tweets something that draws attention to his account, or he is receiving a free education, and is being considered for another one, there is a duty to monitor what you are investing in (the kid’s future). Get real dude.

  11. Candace Blanks says:

    May be some truth in that “apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree” thing. wouldn’t you expect parents to teach kids about integrity and character. You don’t place those things in a bowl on the side of the table, and go on acting a fool in other areas of your life. Your character dictates what you do, how you act and who you are. In prepping for a public career the time to start disciplining what you say and how you say it is before you reach fame, not after.

  12. chitchat says:

    The kid totally deserved expulsion. I don’t care how old you are. When you’re told “10 or 15” times about a rule you need to be punished for breaking it. The school doesn’t have to monitor anything when there are 1600 witnesses to the infraction, any one of whom could have easily told on him or retweeted the offensive posts.

    P.S. Michigan probably rescinded the offer because this child is dumb as rocks. Its one thing to recruit athletes that we THINK are too dumb for the college program; quite another to remove all doubt.

  13. Doc says:

    Here the deal, its a private HS. Nobody forced him to go there. If he doesn’t like the rules he could have gone elsewhere. Now I guess he’ll have too.

    The guy who wrote this article is an idiot. As a parent you shouldn’t be fighting him getting expelled, you should be figuring out where you failed as a parent in teaching your child common decency. If my child wrote stuff like that he wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week!

  14. Mike says:

    I read this article and was going to write a comment as to how big of an idiot this author must be, but everyone else seems to be doing a good enough job. Carry on.

  15. Heavy D says:

    Amen! to Doc’s comment

  16. SERGEANT DOWNS says:


  17. soren says:

    “but the kid only had 1600 plus followers ”

    Only 1600 followers? He’s a local celebrity…

    The question isn’t if other people’s twitter accounts were monitored(I bet not one student had as many followers… he has to know who he represents), but if they tried suspending him before kicking him out.

  18. MLK says:

    The kid is a racist and a moron.

  19. Marvin Goldenberg says:

    Don Bosco is one of the worst cheaters in the state of New Jersey. They recruit players from all over the country-then their coaches pretend to have such a great fair minded program. They are anti-Semitic and don’t recruit any Jewish players. They are now acting like Nazi’s –I’m sure this kid is not the only one who was brainwashed to hate Jews.

    • married to a bosco alum says:

      Nazi’s???? Do you often sit on your brains? It is a Catholic school runs by the Selesian Brothers. I’m not aware of your position on the recruiting board, so your information is what? First hand knowledge, I think not…more likely bitter conjecture. Don Bosco, does not restrict their admissions to Catholics only. It is however, very unlikely that the parents of Jewish children are likely to spend upwards of $15,000 a year for their children to attend a Catholic school. Especially when there are fine prep schools which are not religious in the area, i.e. Saddle River Country Day. How unfortunate for you to compare an outstanding football program to one of the greatest atrocities of morern times. Perhaps you have no deep hatred of the Holocaust, maybe Hitler just had recruitment issues?

  20. Mai says:

    I agree he can tweet all he wants but I wanted to know if he can read and write? Or he going to be a “superstar” back in the ghetto broke and on ESPN’s 30/30. That story getting old. Black folks twitter sounds like “nigger” the man knows how to get us” Big Mama use to say put Sugar Honey Ice Tea on it and blacks will eat it all the time.

  21. Tawana says:

    I wonder if he tweeted “i think I am gay” if they would have expelled him for that. so HS kids can’t express their thoughts. this kid will be alright but legal action should be taken. I know several attorneys who would JUMP on this case. This school sucks.

    • Scott says:

      Please tell me you don’t think the content of his tweets were proper. It doesn’t matter what he didn’t say, what he should do is understand that he made an error in judgement and move on to the opportunities he is being given. The coach told him as many as 15 times to stop using twitter. That tells me the school was trying to advise him and he thought he knw better. he’s got issues going forward if he doesn’t listen to the coach, Focus on the education a little more and do what coach says, and he can make millions. Did he choose to go to the best school in the country based on his own needs and desires, or did they drag him there and force him to play ball. that school that you say sucks allowed him to develop the talent he was born with into the 40th recruit in the nation. He needs to uphold his end of the bargain by being respectful of the things that are important to Catholic schools.

    • WrightyFord says:

      This has to be the worst website on the planet. I wanted to read the reaction of people on this, and some people are dumb enough to defend this kid. Because he is black. Thats fine, he can tweet what he wants….however, schools like Notre Dame and Stanford arent wasting a 40,000 dollar scholarship on him. Legal action? He needs to worry about grammar and being a civilized human being first.

  22. J says:

    A badass white women? lol I believe in free speech even if its coming from an illiterate retard!

  23. Hambone says:

    I don’t why everyone is so upset all he has to do is be able to play the game of football.

  24. Tre says:

    The people posting on here and bringing out the “race card” are a little ridiculous. Claiming that white people are racist because we enjoy an ignorant kid getting the discipline he deserved is ridiculous. The young man made a bad decision and needs to be held accountable for it no matter what color he is. His race has nothing to do with the explicit things that he posted that were unacceptable. So, because he is black, he should be allowed to get away with it and then if he can’t get away with it, he is in trouble because us “whites” are trying to hold him down? Wrong. Us “whites” didn’t log on to his twitter account and write it for him. Yuri wrote what he did and now he pays the consequences. It’s not a race issue. It’s called the real world and sometimes life isn’t fair, even for high profile athletes. Get over yourself and stop continuing the separation of the races by using your “race card”.

  25. knowfactz says:

    Wow. You are obviously an idiot. Nuff said.

    • Tre says:

      Knowfactz, i’m guessing by your short response that you disagree? Is correct spelling optional? I would venture to say that i’m not the “idiot” here considering you can’t justify or explain yourself in a proper manner. I am open to listen to exactly why you feel that I am an “idiot” considering you gave no reasoning behind your statement…

  26. rambone says:

    why are they teaching about pussys and squirting at a catholic highschool?

  27. Jim says:

    So I think the school freaked out so much because they’re counting on him being the representative of their school and they were expecting to conduct himself as such. If this was any other high profile athlete at this school I assume the same thing would happen. I don’t believe race has anything to do with it. The bottom line is when you’re a top level athlete you need to conduct yourself in a professional manner no matter what. Also the fact that it’s a private catholic school probably had a lot to do with the fact they expelled him over the sex tweets.

  28. john says:

    why do blacks always blame someone else for their actions?

  29. John Blanchard says:

    Of course if they are singling him out, that would be problematic. However, Catholic schools are in the business to raise men and women with Catholic morals in mind. There is no doubt that he is not the only kid there saying these sorts of things, but when you write it down and tag it with your name, highly associated with the school, what kind of action would you expect? A high five? You may not believe it, but when one actually attempts to temper some of their own anti-social/bad behaviors, one can actually be a better person. It’s sort of the point of going to Catholic school. And yes, I’m aware Catholics and their institutions have some big time problems.

  30. Scott says:

    The coach told this kid to stop FIFTEEN times. If anything tha proves they were trying to protect him over and over and he chose not to listen. “the school is a fraud” The guy that wrote this article is delusional. If you want to use the opportunities presented to you as a gifted athlete to lead an exceptional life, then don’t act like the common man. Someone needs to advise this kid to own up to his error in judgement, and focus on succeding at the next level, on the pathway being laid out for him infree schooling, and help him understand that he needs to make a legit effort at getting a degree in college. Telling him the whole world is against him, sue to the school is not what people should be telling him. he’s done enough damage, stop the bleeding, don’t start a war.

  31. Dave says:

    In life if you mention the word Jewish it’s considered insensitive and anti-Semitic. I can understand the sexual comments being condemned. But to call him racist because he said they splashed a Jewish women is foolish. If he would have said we splashed a Chinese women, white women, black women, it wouldn’t have been a problem. But you mention Jewish it’s the end of the world.

    • Bobby says:

      Ignorance is bliss isn’t @Dave? So it’s OK for someone to single out a race/religion. This kid choose to say a Jewish women, what made her Jewish? Did they stop and ask, of course not. This statement was his way of using a stereotype that he was raised on. I’m sure they weren’t out looking for Jewish women to splash but the fact remains that he choose to use the word Jewish to describe that person. Not to mention, why even mention that you were proud to have splashed someone with water. Should someone really be proud of that? This is a person who was giving a great opportunity to advance his life and possibly others for the better, but instead used his status to portray himself in a negative light!! It’s a shame that anyone sees anything OK with what this kid was posting.

    • Joseph says:

      So it’s right to celebrate splashing another human, period? I GUARANTEE you it would be a problem if he said Asian or Hispanic. Since he’s black, it wouldn’t have been nearly as much of an issue there. But, there’s still the sexual comments, and I imagine this is only a small sample if the school/coach had already talked to him fifteen times. Nothing to do with overly fearing to look like anti-semites. And I’d be interested to know how he knew the woman was Jewish…

  32. Heavy D says:

    Again it would be Anti-Semitic if his father targeted Jewish Woman in general. The fact that he did it once makes him a dick!. Do it twice and your Anti-Semitic!

  33. Matt says:

    Lmao I can’t believe you’re sticking up for him. Quite unbelievable really

  34. Bradlashard says:

    he’s an idiot plain and simple. I wasn’t a big time recruit but I was good enough to ahave a handful of Division 1 offers. I play CB for FSU right now and even there this situation would have been a HUGE problem, it’s funny because I can’t even imagine those things coming out of a persons mouth lol and I’m 20 years old….. Me and my peers tend to have pretty graphic convos but NEVER ever anything to this magnitude. i honestly don’t see why every school doesn’t drop their offers. If you look at the dates he’s been doing this shit since last summer!

  35. Ben says:

    The school has standards that it requires its privileged students to uphold. It’s a simple concept, really – live up to the standards of the institution or lose the privilege of attending. The boy is a fool.

  36. BluTopaz says:

    This writer is a pure idiot, and his thoughts on this matter is one of the reasons why too many young Black males behave the way they do. It’s always ‘well White folks are trying to keep us down’– and the sense that you are owed something. I mean a lawsuit, really?

    I’m Black American and live in Bed Stuy–just this week alone I was called a “bad-ass bitch” myself (I’m a good 20 years older than the crew who threw that gem my way). You can often hear about fantasy sexual exploits being discussed -loudly- on the subway during rush hour. And it’s ‘bitch this, bitch that’. Wright is of this mentality, and this school has every right to not want him in their community. Maybe the other athletes aren’t choir boys, but they are not arrogant and stupid enough (15 warnings?!–shows his sense of entitlement) to put it online. He is too dumb to realize the opportunity he was given, now he can grow up to be an even angrier, bitter person.

  37. ESCONYCXTC says:

    Wow, this kid is such an idiot. He clearly has no self-restraint and lacks common sense. Dickhead.

  38. Mike says:

    Leave it to this pro-black-biased website to defend an obvious ignorant racist punk. Get over it. He “was” attending a PRIVATE school. They can do any damn thing they please. How do you NOT get that? It is clear that this racist is a loser. His horrible grammar and multiple racist comments show us who this punk really is. Or, maybe he learned to spell from this website… the word you are looking for is “statuses” not “statues.” Try using spell check and try using your weak site to educate these punks about right from wrong instead of defending them.

    He’ll play somewhere, but unfortunately for him… these completely idiotic statements will follow him for quite some time. By the way, with his obvious lack of education, GM would have never even called him for an interview. Good luck in your sad life Racist Little Yuri. You will need it.

  39. Cicso says:

    Used to be only white men got in trouble for saying stuff like this. Wow, things really have evened up.

  40. JNic says:

    This is sad story. This young man just spent nearly 4 years at a great high school and the best high school football team in the land. There will be champioship dinner national championship ring or graduation. And now any school interested in him for football will have to take a deep look at what they are getting themselves into. Now, all anyone will remember is that he got caught in some scandal that got him expelled.

    He really left Don Bosco no choice. He had been given severasl chances to knck it off and he thumbed his nose in the school’s face. Now he has to live with it and be accountable. In some way this may be the best thing that ever happened to him. I hope he gets his act together. If he reads this, I hope he can read this and see the future if he doesnt straighten up. You’re headed for sleeping under an overpass somewhere.

  41. Jockey Cocklin says:

    Poor guidance regardless of race…Idiocy is not selective, it bridges all races….

  42. Brian says:

    I just wonder if he had been a junior with another year of eligibility left opposed to a senior with nothing left to offer would he still have been expelled

  43. OFX039 says:

    People need to quit using the “he is just a kid” excuse. Furthermore, Twitter is not private if you have thousands of followers who are free to read your “tweets”. Regardless of race, Wright was old enough to know better. He deserves no sympathy. To be fair, not all who have passed through Don Bosco are choir boys. Wright certainly did not attend Don Bosco for the education!

  44. Gabacho says:

    I am glad we didn’t have Twitter and Facebook when I was in high school.

    That being said, he was told numerous times to stay off Twitter. Whether or not the debate team is monitored is not the issue. As I understand it, these tweets were brought to the attention of the faculty.

    The only issue would be if other students have had the same kind of issue brought before the faculty and they were ignored. Then, he might have a case. At this point, however, if any other student has both made these type of tweets, AND continued to make them after being warned not to, then they should also be expelled.

  45. Ben Adams says:

    I only shake my head as it always turns into “you whites and you blacks”. I also shake my head at the poster above who’s still upset over things that happened 67yrs ago. New flash ma’am I’m white never owned a slave and never had a black work for me. However I have always had at least two jobs and never received goverment assistance. Am I saying you have? Nope and am I saying every black has nope? What am saying is your perception is greatly tainted. I work everyday for everything I have so stop putting every white in the “high horse category.” On the note of all things the black race has over come how bout how hard your race fought for education yet a moron like this gets a free ride to private school and basically urinates all over it. Not to count he basically messed up at least one more free ride to Michigan. He made a mistake and should pay for it and that’s any kid of any race. It’s the only they have a chance of learning and not repeating the same mistake. Stop making excuses..gets no one anywhere!

  46. Chris says:

    Author = clown
    Wright = bigger clown

  47. dick hurtzer says:

    this typical of the youth of today,and often times it seems to be black youth.the race or “color”is not the reason people talk of black or white but its used as an identifier.he didnt tweet this BECAUSE he was black,but its easy to diferentiate this way.its kind of like you can identify a rattlesnake by the way it looks.most if not all rattlesnakes will bite and inflict a poisonous bite in certain circumstances.this is how whites see blacks in certain enviorments.

  48. KT says:

    Wow, quite a debate over an idiot move by a high-school kid. I read several of the kid’s tweets and they were all slightly sexist, racist, and anti-jewish. They were far from the worst things anyone has heard before and I think that the school is overreacting (particularly with the Catholic church’s recently uncovered history = hypocrites) but that’s the society we live in now. I personally wish people would just get some thicker skin and not be so easily offended by someone else’s comments, but…the laws we have in place are pretty evident and should leave no room for subjectivity. If you say something bad towards a religion, sex, race, disability, etc. then you could lose your job, be expelled from school, or even serve jail time. Everyone should know this and especially a kid with 1600 twitter followers.

  49. Jmack says:

    Folks stop it. Put your Klan sheets and your panther gloves in the closet. It’s nothing. He is a young kid who did something stupid and was expelled from school. Was he kicked out? And it’s not a race thing. He used bad judgement in describing the lady. But if he had sad pops splashed a black lady, is it racial? We are too busy creating news that isn’t news. And it brings the racism out in all of us.

    • kyle says:

      please if he was white and said he splashed water on a black guy thats gonna count as being racist, get over urself and get real.

  50. Dick Nuggets says:

    Congrats Yuri!! You win the ‘Dumb Nigger of the Year’ award!!

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