HS Football Star Yuri Wright Expelled Over “I Need Some P*ssy” Tweets

I didn’t know you could get expelled from a school for comments made on your personal twitter account.  It is High School, wasn’t like he was working for GM.

The interesting thing is Yuri Wright’s Twitter account was private, but as he found out nothing is private on Twitter.

Yuri Wright, one of those two Rivals 100 Bosco stars, was expelled from school on Wednesday. The reason: a bunch of profane/graphic posts to his Twitter account. The account (which no longer exists, of course) was protected, but enough people followed him that word got around, and once they became widely-known public knowledge, apparently Bosco couldn’t take the bad publicity – perhaps especially in the wake of pieces like the above-linked New Yorker story and this one at The Classical.

I don’t understand this.

Wright is a kid and kids tweet and leave stupid Facebook statues like this all the time.


As a parent I would fight him being expelled. If Wright was at home tweeting his thoughts, what does that have to do with the school? Do they check every student’s Twitter and Facebook account and kick them out for dumb comments?

If they did there wouldn’t be a lot of kids left in the school.

If Wright is denied an opportunity for a college career because of some stupid Tweets, that is sad, as if those colleges aren’t corrupt themselves.

Hypocrites to the highest degree.

Wright has learned a hard lesson, when you are well known everything you say will be used against you, fairly or not.


Here is the official reason why Wright was expelled.

Wright was expelled from Don Bosco Prep High School in Ramsey, N.J., on Wednesday, his high school coach, Greg Toal, confirmed to numerous media outlets.

“He was expelled from the school for the things he had written on Twitter,” Toal told ESPNNewYork.com. “It was pretty simple really, what he wrote were some graphic sex things. This is a Catholic school, things like that cannot happen. It was totally inappropriate.”

Wright, a senior cornerback, was warned about social media consequences, according to Toal. Wright’s account, which had more than 1,600 followers, has been deleted.

“We told them about 10 or 15 times to get off (Twitter) and not to be involved in it, but there is always somebody who thinks he knows better.” Toal told ESPNNewYork.com. “What he wrote was pretty bad, to be honest with you, I can’t even say what he wrote.

“He was told on numerous occasions not to be Twittering and there are consequences for his actions.”

Once again the question begs did the school just single out Wright or do they screen every single student’s social media spaces?  If they do not then they are hypocrites to the highest degree.

Wright is dumb for not listening to the multiple warnings he was given, but the kid only had 1600 plus followers and his Tweets were private, the only reason we know about this is because the school got all high and mighty.

Show me proof the school monitors the debate team or even better do they screen the faculty?

Until then the school is a fraud and I would still consider taking legal action if I was Wright.

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285 thoughts on “HS Football Star Yuri Wright Expelled Over “I Need Some P*ssy” Tweets

  • pretty sure if he had said something about needing to do some little boy the church would have let it slide.

  • He goes to a private High School therefore they can expell him or do whatever they determine does not put their school in a good light.

  • Besides writing for this site, I am also a high school teacher for a public school. The fact that this was at a private school means they are well within their rights to toss him.

    And for those of you worried that his football career is over, do you know how often students who get in trouble bounce from one school to the next in the county?

    I had a very similar conversation with my students just the other day after somebody got in trouble for saying something on their twitter about a teacher. They thought it wasnt fair because it was their life outside of school.

    I explained that there is no inside and outside of school “you”. Especially if you are going to put things out on the internet.

    As a writer here and active on twitter and facebook, I am very careful of what I write. You think that if I wrote “man, one of my students did this dumb thing today” i could claim “no no no, that was twitter/blogger me, not teacher me”

    Its like when people have sex tapes leaked. Sure it sucks when a private sex tape is leaked, but you know which ones AREN’T leaked? the ones that are not on film.

    • Thanks for your well articulated reply.

  • And for a kid named Yuri, that dude does not look Russian

  • The kid is a moron- he can’t even spell (organism? viz a vie “ORGASM?”)- I think Michigan pulled the schollie cause he’s too STUPID to go to college. Sorry but I don’t care about the “its a free country” argument. Its against the law to yell “I’ve got a bomb” at the airport too.

    • and its also stupid to expel him from the school; its a free country right. and how moronic is it to act as though you have no sympathy for the kid cause hes black and not white based on words said online? it is against the law to undue punish citizens in this country (i guess that doesnt apply to blacks, oh right it doesnt in america lets remembers americas present and past and future intentions for blacks). and what idiot thought comparing an illegal act like yelling fire in a movie theatre to a young child(black) exercising his right to free speech online.

      some of you racist need to come out the closet so more people know how to actually hate racists for the great contributions they make to society.

      kudos to the kid for knowing how to spell organism and being a man at such an age that can confront his emotions and express his sexual frustration and curiosity on the internet.

      to the black people and non gays and morally correct persons non defunct in proper judgement:
      would this have been a problem if it was a white boy at some catholic school coming to grips with his homosexuality online?

      • Yes. It is a “free country”. I feel like you fail to understand what that means though. You’re like one of those geniuses that trumpets “free speech” in these situations.

        He’s not being thrown in jail. He didn’t break the law. That’s what “free” means. “Free” doesn’t mean you can do and say whatever you want without consequences. You’re that naive, are you?

      • Honestly, this is the most ignorant response thus far. There was not a single mention of race until you vomited up this trash.
        The point is it is a private school, which means they set their own rules. Which, being allowed to do so, is one of the things that make this country great. If you don’t like where you work, your rebellion is unnecessary, just get a different job. If you can’t follow the rules, you get removed.

        He has the opportunity to be as great as he chooses to be. He chose poorly. He had the freedom to say whatever he wanted, and exercised that right. Now he knows the consequences.

        If you care about this young man’s, or any other young person’s future, then you should quit pulling the race card every time something goes against a young person of color and consider that there are times when it is used appropriately and might still have some validity.

        As far as I’m concerned its rhetoric like Herukuti’s that builds racial tension and has made Wright’s life a more difficult one. God bless.

    • Wow….there is a HUGE difference between yelling “BOMB!” at an airport and tweeting about “pussy”. The kid may sound like a moron but you are certainly lacking in logic.

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