Interview: Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe Has a Graphic Suggestion for Skip Bayless

Welcome to a new feature here on the site. The concept is simple. We ask somebody 6 questions via twitter and they send me their answer via DM. No editing, no filtering, just their answer to my question. The plan is to have anybody from the world of sports, from athletes to broadcasters to the writers who cover your favorite teams.

We also want to make this more interactive. When we have an interview lined up, we will give you the chance to submit questions. The best question will be chosen. They can be serious, funny, irreverent or out of left field, the only limit is 140 characters.

For our debut interview, I contacted Minnesota Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe. Now as far as where Punters rank on the totem pole of NFL, they hang around with the kickers as the first guys who will get cut if they screw up. A lot of people don’t consider them real football players.

But don’t tell Chris Kluwe that.

I am not just using that as the cliche expression. You should literally not tell him that. Former NFL player Nate Jackson learned that
when he tried to belittle Kluwe as an insignificant punter after Kluwe tweeted that Manning and Brees were being douchebags for things they said during the NFL Lockout.

Kluwe also recently turned his attention to Skip Bayless, who he took to task for comments referring to embattled Ravens kicker as a “non-player” and that they shoudld do away with field goals. You will find his suggestion below for a viral video he hopes Bayless will star in.

But Opinionated NFL Punter is only a part of who he is. He is also an avid gamer (his twitter is @ChrisWarcraft after all) and he is in a band called Tripping Icarus, who he had Donovan McNabb plug in press conferences as part of a deal to allow him to wear his number 5 when McNabb joined the Vikings. (The deal also included an ice cream cone.)

Chris Kluwe is an interesting dude. Here is a small glimpse into who he is.

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