Is This Booted Foot Vince Carter With Strippers or Just a Look-A-Like? You Make the Call

Vince Carter is single and if he wants to live it up with D-Plus strippers that is his business.

I just don’t want VC to be unnecessarily slandered by Media Take Out, if this isn’t him in the pictures. They have been known to use fakes and try to pass them off as players.

VC gets slandered enough by his own doing than to get falsely accused of something.

I just saw Vince Carter in the airport with a big boot on his foot and the pictures upon first glance don’t look like the guy I saw in the airport.  Possible they were taking at an earlier date, but I doubt recently.

Also, Vince Carter is suppose to be rehabbing, this story seems to be manufactured by Media Take Out which wouldn’t be the first time.

Now, if I am wrong and someone can verify Vince Carter was in the strip club booted foot an all, I will revoked the slandered towards MTO.

You tel me.