Jerry Jones: Difference Between Cowboys and Giants is They Have Eli Manning


Jerry Jones is a very smart man.

He has made millions of dollars and even though Cowboys haven’t been that great, they still generate a ton of money because of Jerry Jones’ genius.

With that being said, when he says things like this you wonder how many of those vodka on the rocks has he had throughout the years.

Tony Romo must feel great about this.

It isn’t that Jones is lying, but by being brutally honest with the media, he is undermining his so called franchise quarterback competency.

Pretty regular season stats are nice, but legacies are built when times are tough and that is when Eli has shown his mettle and unfortunately Romo has shown he isn’t “elite”.


  1. As everyone says the main reason the Cowboys have not made the playoffs is the GM, another reason is their defenseive Secondary, which goes back to drafting out of college. Jimmie Johnson would make a good GM, but that is’nt going to happen. J.H

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