John Elway: We are Going to Bring in Some Other Quarterbacks


I hoped that Tim Tebow like any young quarterback got a full year to see if he could play the position or not, but appears he is going to be on a very short leash in Denver.

John Elway has made that perfectly clear.

We will be in the market to find more quarterbacks,” Elway told the Denver Post at the Senior Bowl. “That’s our approach with Tim being our starter as we go to training camp, that we’ll look at free agency and the draft.”

Elway has described the kind of quarterback he likes as “the big athlete who can throw the ball from the pocket,” which doesn’t exactly fit Tebow to a T and serves as a reminder that Tebow is the quarterback Elway inherited, not the quarterback Elway chose.

There will be some interesting quarterback prospects available both in free agency and the draft, we will see if Elway pulls the trigger on one.



  1. Why does Tebow need a “full year” to prove himself? He’s had more than enough time to that. Any other QB would have been cut and playing in the CFL or AFL.

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