JR Smith’s Sister Goes on Rampage in China, Chokes Out Woman in Stands During Game

I wouldn’t have believed it except that I expect this type of thing from a member of JR Smith’s family.

Mini Precious went on a rampage after disagreeing with a foul call against her brother.

Here are the details.

Former Nuggets guard JR Smith is currently playing in China for the Zhejiang Golden Bulls, having been unable to escape his Chinese Basketball Association contract when the NBA lockout ended.

Zhejiang faced the Bayi Rockets (you remember them as the Chinese military team who brawled with Georgetown) last night and after Smith drew contact without a foul call, his sister allegedly threw a bottle on the court, then went on a rampage—choking a woman and shoving an 80-year-old.  

I always said JR Smith in China would cause an international incident, just a matter of time.

If I didn’t know any better I would have thought Biggie Smalls had been resurrected in China in a purple hoodie pretending to be JR Smith’s sister.

Watch this equally hilarious Chinese video of the incident, I have no idea what they are saying, but it appears they are heated.

She was eventually subdued possibly by tranquilizer gun and escorted out of the arena.

12 thoughts on “JR Smith’s Sister Goes on Rampage in China, Chokes Out Woman in Stands During Game

  • lol she’s sexually frustrated in China. The melodramatic video on in the Chinese video… lmao

  • Dumb move not waiting for lock out to end and signing a contract that he couldn’t get out of. Now he’s stuck over in china….

  • A tranquilizer gun ? damn they treating her like a gorilla ..


  • Typical belligerent behavior which adds credence to the stereotype of black women being mean,combative,rude etc etc. Didn’t First Lady Obama address this issue? *SMDH*

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