JR Smith’s Sister & Girlfriend Start 2nd Brawl in China (Photos)


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Stop me if you heard this story before.

JR Smith starts to get heckled by some Chinese fans and his sister Mini Precious decides to take matters into her own hands (JR Smith’s Sister Goes on Rampage in China, Chokes Out Woman in Stands During Game), but this time there is a TWIST.

JR’s prison tatted girlfriend (Photo gallery JR Smith’s girlfriend Britanie Girard) decides to make it into a Tag Team Brawl that the New Age Outlawz would be proud of.



The last time we checked in with J.R. Smith, he was breaking ankles while his sister Stephanie was starting brawls.

Smith’s sister and girlfriend are once again implicated in a fight that broke out last night during a game between J.R.’s Zhejiang squad and the host Tianjin. According to Chinese news sources, conflict erupted after Tianjin fans heckled J.R. Smith as he went to the line late in the third quarter. After what I believe to be Thunderstix were thrown onto the court by a spectator, Smith’s girlfriend got into a shoving match with Tianjin fans while his sister flipped the crowd the double-bird.

Stephanie Smith claims on her Twitter that she didn’t start the fight “this time,” and we can understand her description of the incident being different from Chinese sources that describe her as “a ton of bricks.” We invite her side of the story—and of the previous incident, if she wants to share.

I think this picture pretty much sums up everything.  Stay classy Mini Precious, stay classy.

I hope that JR Smith doesn’t get kidnapped by the Chinese mafia.  Where is Jack Bauer when you need him?

Oh, he is helping that boy who can’t talk but predicts the future now.  Sucks for JR.

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  • Maybe this is all part of JR’s plan to get kicked out of China and released from his contract early so he can come back to the U.S. and play for Denver again.

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