Justin Tuck Says Giants are Underdogs in Super Bowl, Technically Correct, But Not Really

I know Vegas has installed the Patriots as a 3.5 point favorite, but this isn’t the 2007 Patriots.

You are an underdog when you are facing a team that went 18-0 and was being considered the greatest team of all time.  You are an underdog when you are facing a 15-1 team on the road in the playoffs.

The Giants aren’t an underdog no matter what Tuck is saying.

New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck made it clear during Tuesday’s press conference that the Giants have been enjoying the underdog role.“A lot of people haven’t given us a shot,” said Tuck. “We kind of like it that way. So all you oddsmakers, keep rooting against us.”

Actually, many experts picked the Giants in all their playoff games, even against the Packers and definitely against the Falcons and 49ers.

Tuck is wrong about another thing. Oddsmakers don’t root against or for teams. Their job is to make sure their is a balance in the betting.

If you take away the biased Giants and Patriots fans, I would say the majority of the country slightly leans toward the Giants.

I understand it is an motivational tool, but in this Super Bowl it is up in the air who the winner will be.