Kevin Durant Doesn’t Understand Why Media Debates if He is Better than Russell Westbrook

Kevin Durant wants answers.

So, he grabbed the closest media person around to get them. The answer he got was terrible, but in the heat of the moment I can imagine the reporter was caught off guard.

Here is’s Matt Steinmetz account of what happened.

“Hey my man, I’ve got a question for you,” Durant said. “Why does everyone want to talk about who the best player is on our team, whether it’s me or Russell? Why does everyone worry about that?”

Naturally, I was defensive and told Durant that’s not what I was talking about on television.

“I know,” he said. “But you’re in the media so maybe you know why some writers and guys like that do it. I just don’t get it… I mean, we’re on the same team, Russell and me, so what does it matter?” Durant said. “Who cares whether he’s better than me or I’m better than him?”

“Well, you know, the media does that kind of stuff every once in a while,” I said, unabashedly throwing my media brethren under the bus. “You know, it happens here some with Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry.”
Durant nodded.

“Thanks,” Durant said. “It’s just that we’re on the same team, you now? So it doesn’t matter. Who cares?”

Here is the real answer.

The reason people debate it, is because Russell Westbury errrrr Westbrook at times seems to be annoyed that Durant is the star of the team.

Beyond that, any time you have two stars on the team and there appears to be friction, it is going to be a story. Durant grew up in the Shaq and Kobe era, he knows this.

If Westbrook had been happily playing his role and their weren’t a couple of minor altercations no one would say anything.

I understand that Durant wants it to just go away, but it isn’t. The Thunder are one of the best teams in the league and come playoff time, the spotlight will be squarely on the relationship between Durant and Westbrook.

Because while Durant doesn’t care, the fans and media do.