Kim Kardashian Wanting To Start a Bible Study Group To Lure in Tim Tebow?



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Just because you posed for Playboy, have a sex tape out and dated a few athletes, doesn’t mean you can’t start a Bible study group.  You do know Bishop Eddie Long still has a congregation and a man named Creflo DOLLAR is milking millions out of people right?

When Kimmy posted this on Twitter, the slander was at Kyle Williams levels.

What I don’t understand is a lot of you SINNED last night at the club or at some practice squad player one bedroom apartment last night and are in church right now tweeting.

“Kim is a ho”

I see you, you aren’t fooling me.

Stop high horsing, if Kim wants to start a bible group and you think that badly of her, you should be encouraged by her wanting to get closer to God.

Because if we started snooping around your closet, we might find a cemetery of skeleton bones.

Then again this could just be a feeble attempt to lure in Tim Tebow, but I digress (Kim Kardashian Wants To Experience Tebow Time).

We reached out to Tebow and we did get a reply he wanted to pass along to Kimmy.


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