KOD Stripper on DeSean Jackson: “Bol Girl I Been Liking Him Since UCal” (Photos from Club)

I don’t care that DeSean Jackson was taking pictures at the Strip Club at 6am.

Not like the Eagles have a playoff game to prepare for or anything, but……………

If you are going to take pics with a stripper, who you know that is going to run to Twitter with that pic, at least find the best stripper in the club.

This is why I question DeSean Jackson’s decision making from time to time.

“Molly” does claim to be one of KOD’s best pole dancers and I guess that is something that looks nice on the stripper manifesto, but I am pretty sure Megatron would have gotten a little bit stripper, just saying.

You can do better DJax, you think the Eagles going to give you an A plus contract if you with D level strippers?


7 thoughts on “KOD Stripper on DeSean Jackson: “Bol Girl I Been Liking Him Since UCal” (Photos from Club)

  • Maybe she WAS the best stripper at that particular club.

  • Ok maybe she’s not the best looking stripper but I’m sure she got the job done as far as DJax is concerned….she’s probably freaky as hell too..lol

  • I doubt DJax was in the club looking for strippers to snap photos with. If the girl asked him for a pic, it is nice that he said yes.

  • Why does anyone care what kind of chick he chooses to hang out wit.people so judgmental these days it kills me.first off he is a human just like everyone else and people need remember that.second what’s wrong with her,she’s a beautifull woman and not all woman who choose to strip are worthless.try finding good paying job these days and let me know.these girls get paid to strutting there stuff so if they have the nervs doing so then its there life doing so.and desean j wasn’t all that this yr even though he was my 3rd pick in our fantasy draft and didn’t help much this yr.I know he can be an elite receiver if he would mature alittle and keep his ego aside.let’s talk about him and not the strippers.hey desean focus next yr.I hate seeing a elite player throw away career cause there ego gets in the way.keep your swagger and touch down celebrations but get ur big headed ego in check cause you have potential and team to be a top 5 receiver for yrs to come and a team to do it with.I ain’t Dissing you or hating but you let yourself and skills down this yr and you got skills to much to be looking back seat to receivers that are bench warmers.get your head right cause with vick throwing the ball your as good as a welker,miles,roddy,smith,ect.


  • I agree

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