Lamar Odom Says He Hasn’t Been Himself Since Trade to Mavericks

Lam Lam wants to be in LA.

Maybe, later in the season he will start meshing better on the court with the Mavericks, but right now he is a lost Lammy.

“I just missed shots I normally make,” Odom said after the game. He had five shots blocked in the first half and was benched midway through the third quarter. “It’s kind of like an exclamation for the start of the season for myself. I’m not myself yet.

The 32-year-old Odom, who is making $8.9 million this season, is confident that he’s “still got it.” When asked what’s missing from his game right now, he replied, “The ball going in.”

It’s much more than that. His rebounding and assist numbers are down significantly, and on a per-minute basis, not just because his playing time has decreased in Dallas. His body language is often questionable at best, although he’s bothered by such a suggestion.

“You can’t go off that,” said Odom, who made a point to mention that the Mavs (11-8) have been winning on a regular basis recently. “I can be upset at myself. I can fake body language and act like I’m not upset, but I expect more out of myself than you could ever expect out of me.

Odom is a sensitive guy, so you have to expect this type of emotional roller coaster and without Phil Jackson to push the right buttons you just don’t know what Lamar you are going to get on a nightly basis.

Maybe they should put in Khloe, we know she can go hard in the paint.

2 thoughts on “Lamar Odom Says He Hasn’t Been Himself Since Trade to Mavericks

  • Oh Lamar….he really has his feelings all up in basketball. They just need to trade him back to LA already. His heart is so not into the game esp being with the Mavs.

  • The Lakers knew he was mentally shot. That’s why they dumped him.

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