Live from Staples..Derek Fisher Hits Game Winning 3 as Lakers beat Mavs (Video)

I am out in LA to do a Lakers charity event and while I was in town it only made sense to check out Bean and the rest of the Lakers in action.

Just a couple of general observations for Laker fan.

The Lakers are in dire need of an experienced point guard. Derek Fisher is fine with limited minutes, but the Lakers are currently playing a rookie Darius Morris heavy minutes and while he competes hard he looks lost and panicked on the court a lot.

Steve Blake is injured, but he isn’t the answer either.

Slim pickings, but as much as I hate to say it, the Lakers should call…………………..


That is how bad the situation is.

The other thing that is pretty obvious is we all know that Kobe can score 40 when he wants to, but he is a volume shooter and there are times that the Lakers will need him to revert to the Kobe of 2006.

Short and long term though as long as he is healthy the offense at least half the time should run through Andrew Bynum.

He is too big and too skill for any center in the NBA to defend besides maybe Dwight Howard. He toyed with the Mavericks centers last night.

I think Kobe would get easier shots if they work the ball inside out as oppose outside in.

When the Lakers did that their offense was much more fluid.

This will probably never happen with Kobe on the team, but you can dream Laker fan.

Here is Old man Fisher draining the three to win the game.