Mughshot: Percy Love Kicks His Cat 15 Feet in the Air, Raises Hands to Signal FG GOOD!!

Tell the truth Ravens fan, don’t you deep down wish you had Percy Love on your squad during the AFC Champion game?

I see a few nodding heads.

Police charged a South Side man with animal cruelty after officers say they watched him take a running start and kick his kitten 15 feet before raising his arms to signal a field goal.

The officers immediately arrested a laughing Percy Love, 22, after he allegedly kicked the small black cat Monday afternoon in the 6200 block of South Campbell, police said.

He told officers: “This is my cat, Nightmare. He is tough, we play like that all the time. It’s just a cat,” police said.

A couple of things.

First, the cat named “Nightmare” is doing well, unlike Billy Cundiff.

Secondly, Percy is being held on a $50k bond, but…………

Jerry Sandusky is still walking around free and you want to tell me our justice system is working?

5 thoughts on “Mughshot: Percy Love Kicks His Cat 15 Feet in the Air, Raises Hands to Signal FG GOOD!!

  • This shit is too funny

    • It would be way funnier if someone 10 times bigger than you kicked you a few hundred feet into a wall.

  • Typical TNB. Animals shouldn’t own animals.

  • this pig should be put down. i hope this douche gets cancer and dies a long slow death.

  • Another black making another excuse for another black degenerate. Jerry Sandusky is now in prison for the rest of his life, so you can put that bullshit back in your crack pipe.

    Blacks find cruelty to animals amusing, which makes it so much easier for blacks to find cruelty to other humans amusing. Why are so many black men in prison? Because so many black men are murderers and rapists.

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