Orlando Magic Without Hotel When They Play Pacers Because of Super Bowl

The Magic are having a rough go of it lately.

Besides an awful losing streak, where they apparently have forgotten how to score and Dwight flirting with every team in the NBA, there is this.

Because of the Super Bowl, the Magic will be homeless before the play the Pacers on Saturday.

Los That Sports Blog has the details.

The Magic are scrambling to find hotel accommodations prior to their game this upcoming Saturday against the Pacers in Indianapolis. There’s just one problem: There are no hotel rooms available in Indianapolis because Super Bowl XLVI will be played there the following day.

The Magic had asked the NBA to be allowed to fly from Florida to Indianapolis on the day of the basketball game. According to league spokesman Tim Frank, NBA officials told the team they would consider the request and also would try to help the team find hotel rooms.

But the league could not acquire the hotel rooms and ultimately determined that the risk of bad weather or mechanical issues was too great to allow the Magic to fly in from Florida on gameday, Frank said. So the Magic will fly to Cincinnati after its game on Friday night in Orlando.

From all appearances things are going well in Indy for the Super Bowl, mainly because the weather is cooperating, but they lack hotels.  There were 1 star hotels charging $400 a night for a room.

So, I am not surprised this happened, the NBA should have prepared better.

Oh, one other thing…..

DWIGHT GONE!!!!!!!!!