Pacquiao’s Camp to Mayweather’s Challenge, Can We Fight on June 9th When You Are in Jail?

The only thing I have heard from Pacquiao is that he wants the fight.

But Pacquiao’s camp is coming up with a million and one excuses to make sure the fight never happens.  The latest is for the fight to maximize revenues a brand new outdoor arena has to be built but that can’t be done until late May or early June.

Here is the latest BS from Bob Arum and the crew.

Mayweather faces a June 1 date to report for an already delayed 90-day jail term in a domestic violence case, but Arum said he’d be “willing to chip in for lawyers’ fees” to get that date moved again so a June 9 bout could occur.

Mayweather is scheduled to fight May 5 in Las Vegas against an as-yet unnamed opponent. “June 9 is perfect,” Arum said. “May 5 is out, that’s impossible.”

The extra time is needed for construction of an arena, said Arum, claiming the fighters could generate an extra $40 million by fighting at a 40,000-plus-seat venue on the Las Vegas Strip rather than holding the bout at the 16,000-seat MGM. “You don’t throw $40 million away,” Arum said.

What does Arum want from the Mayweather camp?

“I want to hear… that they’re willing to move to June 9,” Arum said. “Then we can sit down and work out a deal.”:

You can have the fight outdoors on the UNLV football field you don’t have to build anything.

June 9th is perfect for Pacquiao for one reason.

Floyd will be in jail.

I give up.

3 thoughts on “Pacquiao’s Camp to Mayweather’s Challenge, Can We Fight on June 9th When You Are in Jail?

  • Arum must think he’s hurting Floyd when all he’s doing is pissing boxing fans off. Manny needs to step up and stop being Arum’s bytch and demand the fight or tell Arum to step off. Arum needs to STFU and go kick rocks.

  • UNLV, Cowboys Stadium, my backyard, Manny’s compound in the Philippines. They all hold about 40,000 people.

  • He must think fans are clowns. He can over charge on the ticket prices and PPV it at $100+. The fans WILL pay it. No need to build new stadiums.

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