Peyton Manning Stunned by The Firing of the Polians

Lot of different speculation of what this means for Peyton.

My personal opinion is regardless of personal feelings the Colts need to move on to Andrew Luck.

Peyton is an older quarterback coming off three neck surgeries.  Even if he comes back the Colts with him at best are Wild Card team and not a serious Super Bowl contender.

If they can trade him they should, if not cut him and start anew.

I was stunned, I was surprised, I was saddened and just disappointed that it all happened this way,” Manning told’s Chris Mortensen. “I was actually meeting with Bill [Polian] in the training room and we were talking about my rehab schedule, what I could and couldn’t do in the facility under the new [CBA] and my checkpoints when he was summoned to see Irsay. He actually chuckled and said, ‘We’ll see.’ “