Photos of The Engagement Ring Lebron James Gave to Savannah Brinson


This is more for the ladies as I know they like to check out this type of stuff.

All I know it is Heart Shaped and I am sure it cost a lot of money. As I have stated many times I like Savannah. In this industry you learn that it is very much like the Matrix nothing is as it appears, but I get a good vibe from her.

She could be a serial killer, but I think she is a generally a good person, so I am happy for her I am sure it was tough seeing all her friends get rings while Lebron………….



  1. What an ugly ring. And her fingernail polish is Goth. Gotta give her credit for hanging in there while the King was out dipping his wick in the white gene pool. She no dummy. Stay in it girl like Kobes’ wife for awhile then clean up on the cash. Take care of the little illegitmates the rest of they lives.

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