Pilar Sanders: “Deion Refuses to Pay for Support, I’m Out of Money for Food & Gas”

Is Pilar broke?

Not at all.  When you have been married for 13 years and you are a public figure like Pilar Sanders you have money.  Especially over the last year or so when she has been in high demand for appearances, speaking engagements, charity events and she is running several of her own business.

Pilar is not Antoine Walker, she has cash.


When you are dealing with a divorce and you have been married as long as her and Deion have been, by law you are entitled to some money and Pilar wants what she is legally entitled to.

Here is her statement.

Pilar Sanders has not received any child support or spousal support from her husband, Deion Sanders since he filed for divorce. She is out of money for food, gas, medicine, and other necessities.

Deion refuses to pay for full car repairs which undoubtedly presents huge safety issues for Pilar and their children. With limited transportation and no money, Pilar and the children are stranded in the Sanders 30,000 sq. ft. house while Deion is off playing “Sports Dad” on his new reality TV Show and showing off his quarter of a billion dollar net worth.

Prime worth $250 million?  That is more than Kobe’s net worth.

Maybe that is a bit exaggerated, but like it or not, he is going to have to show Pilar the money and probably for a long period of time.  To my understand there is a prenup, but it looks like one way or another Pilar is going to get paid and if she doesn’t she is going to let the whole world know she isn’t.

Wonder what Deiondra will Tweet about this.

5 thoughts on “Pilar Sanders: “Deion Refuses to Pay for Support, I’m Out of Money for Food & Gas”

  • “stranded in the Sanders 30,000 sq. ft. house” lol They can’t be serious.

    Everyone has aspirations, but it’ll be a sad story if she ends up getting passed around by athletes, entertainers and executives on her search for stardom.

  • Didn’t Deon just file recently??….cry me a river pilar

  • She is an Attorny and a Model…I’m sure she has her own money !!

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