Pilar Sanders Wants Her & Deion to Take Lie Detector Tests To Prove Who Was Cheating


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This really should be a reality show.

Deion is very entertaining.

We know Deiondra is very entertaining (Deion Sanders’ Daughter Deiondra Goes on Twitter Rant, Calls Pilar a Gold Digging Ho).

Plus Pilar seems to be playing chess not checkers.

Would be better than the Kardashians in my mind.  Here is the latest move being made by Mrs. P

Pilar’s attorney, Larry Friedman, tells TMZ  … “It is extremely unfortunate that, in addition to the mental distress caused by the unexpected and untimely filing of the divorce by Deion Sanders, he has not stopped his daughter Deiondra from falsely accusing my client, Pilar Sanders, of infidelity in order to cause her more pain and suffering and further damage her character and reputation.”

Friedman adds, “This matter doesn’t require praying for Pilar as Deion has stated; it calls for telling the ‘truth’ — as well as a retraction of the false accusations made about Pilar and a public apology.”

“Perhaps it’s time for the parties to submit to and release the results of a polygraph examination to determine whether infidelity was committed during the marriage and to put an end to the speculation once and for all.”

They should do it on the NFL Network, the ratings would be threw the rough.

If you had to guess who do you think would pass or fail?

If I was Deion I would call Pilar lawyer’s bluff if he doesn’t have anything to hide. Expect a Twitter Rant from someone within the hour.

4 thoughts on “Pilar Sanders Wants Her & Deion to Take Lie Detector Tests To Prove Who Was Cheating

  • Both of them would fail.

  • Sounds like a plane ride to poverty…….

  • Deion is a joke and the real liar. He cheated on his wife with a young woman his daughter age. This “truth” charter school is a joke as well. It’ll be closed in less than a year. This man will do anything to protect his public image, including throwing his wife under a bus. He got caught cheating and now he wanna get his side out before the public and his bosses at NFL Network find out the truth. He’ll throw the word “God” out there to hoodwink his enablers and admires. Contrary to popular belief, Deion is a wolf in sheep clothing. He not liked by the public as well.

  • One can tell “The real truth” (heifer please!) is of the a certain persuasion.

    Saw the reality tv show they had. Vividly recall thinking at the time, sheeeeesh what a high maintenance cow. Hopefully Deion has an iron clad pre-nup.

    “Real truth” to use a vocabulary you more than likely are familiar with, “let’s look at the facts”.

    … … we are waiting – and none of that infantile feloniously retarded utterances of “he not liked by the public as well…” read book or something. Go a long way to improve your grammer instead of waiting for someone to be a meal ticket to see you through life.

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