Pretty Lady of the Day Jasmine Adams @JazzyBaby03 (Photos)

This is something that the fellas have asked for and if you ask you shall receive.

We have partnered with (@ggurls) to bring you a Pretty Lady of the Day. Today’s spotlight is Jasmine Adams.

Jasmine Adams was born July 21 in Louisiana. Shortly after, Jasmine was approached by local modeling agencies in her area. She decided it was time to seriously pursue her career as a model, she began networking, hosting events, appearing in music videos and building a strong portfolio with notable photographers.

The 5’8 winsome model identifies the term of brains and beauty. Jasmine also plans to branch off into radio, movies, and community outreach projects as time progresses. The work of an ambitious, balanced leader is never complete. “Walk with God as he shows you the path to your destination.” Those are inspiring words spoken by a humble and persistent young woman who is determined to succeed.

Look for her to be involved in a host of events and gracing the pages of your favorite publications in the near future. “I’m a woman with ambition, I plan to show the world I’m the next brightest star!” Jasmine Adams won’t stop until she is a force to be reckoned with.

You can find Jasmine at @JazzyBaby03

One thought on “Pretty Lady of the Day Jasmine Adams @JazzyBaby03 (Photos)

  • The Babe is Fine !!!

    But don’t give me that “walk with god” crap and you have your legs wide open and that beautiful body now ruined by tattoos (apparently Daddy was not in the home)….

    Sounds like football players that only thank god in the end zone after a TD, but never after a play that almost got them KILLED……

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