Ravens Fan & Patriots Fan Brawl..Men Thrown Through Windows (Mugshot)

As soon as saw the headline on Busted Coverage I thought to myself.


Especially considering how the game ended, I am surprised more reports of these type of altercations haven’t surfaced. I kept thinking Charles Barkley had to be involved when I read this.

City police spokeswoman Natatia Bledsoe said the altercation erupted about 2 a.m. at F.W. Sullivan’s at 409 William St. The business was about to close when two groups who had expressed their loyalties to the opposing teams in Sunday’s title game got into a brawl.

A fan of each team was thrown through separate windows. All of the combatants had left the immediate area by the time police arrived.

However, a city officer found three of the Ravens fans — all of them live in Tennessee — walking near Amelia and Princess Anne streets. They admitted they’d been in a fight and one of them was bleeding severely from the elbow. That 28-year-old man, who is 6 feet 2 inches tall and 190 pounds Billy Mullins, had been thrown through one of the windows.

The men told police they were attacked by a group of Patriot fans as they were leaving the restaurant while shouting, “Go Ravens!” One of them had thrown a Patriot fan through a window, police said.

Looks like the Ravens took their second loss of that night, as the Patriots fans got away and Billy Mullins and crew weren’t so lucky.

If you are Lee Evans or Billy Cundiff, you have to look at the things glass half full, at least you didn’t get thrown through a window.

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  • Damn. That incident played out like a pro wrestling main event. I thought kurt angle, Shane Mcmahon, and the mean street posse were involved.

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