Ray Lewis Doesn’t Trust Baby Mama Sharnika Kelly With Child Support Money

I think more athletes and men in general should do this. Lewis has several children by several different women. This isn’t an uncommon situation with athletes and while Lewis is taking responsibility for all of his kids, he wants to make sure that his money is being used for the child, not so the mother can go make it rain.

TMZ has the details.

According to court documents filed in Florida, Lewis has an ongoing paternity case over his son with a woman named Sharnika Kelly. In court papers, Lewis acknowledges being the father, but the issue of support is slightly more contentious.

According to the docs, Lewis is hesitant to fork over money to Kelly because he says she has an outstanding judgment against her in a civil case … totaling over $1,000,000.

In the docs, Lewis says he has “grave concerns about the Mother’s character” and feels she’ll siphon off money meant for his son … either to pay off her debt or support her other child … not Ray’s.

Lewis wants a guardianship put in place to make sure his money is going to the proper place.

If the mother is sincere about doing what is best for the child I don’t know why she would have a problem with this, do you?

7 thoughts on “Ray Lewis Doesn’t Trust Baby Mama Sharnika Kelly With Child Support Money

  • I think dudes should think before they make babies with women. He is responsible for children he makes and the women he makes them with is on him.

    • excellent point! I have no problem with oversight but suddenly he has good judgement? Where was that judgement when he was spraying and praying.

  • Athletes (and I’m a former one with a degree) are NOT that bright to begin with, if you have ever lived around them.

    It is a smart move to make sure that she’s not just getting money, but getting accountable money that goes to the kids……..

    Muscles and the mind of a Child is what I’ve noted….

    • a court appointed guardian doesn’t usually handle child support..see my post mr former athlete…mr RL 52 whom we all love dearly has option 1. to obtain custody or partial with mr RL 52 as the parent of primary residence or 2. partial with him having the child 1/2 the time… if this woman has been caring for this child for 11 years, where did the money come from? especially if this paternity case just came to fruition. This is stated as a paternity case/which normally doesn’t include child support..that’s a separate issue..unless the motion or petition was amended to establish an order of paternity to include support…or establish an order of paternity in order to award support. But Mr. Lewis has to think, if he has not had an order of support all of this time, and no establishment of one…How was (Sharnika – way to pickem RL 52 -Tamika, Sharnika, Quameka, DYNEEKA whomever) she taking care of his SON? makes you think right…and if he was sending her money..why on God’s green Earth did this man not send it with a trail of “Child support” on each payment….Child support is retro-active from the filing date of the petition/motion…GUD LAWDY LAWD…doesn’t RL 52 have “handlers” “people” some boyz out there who got baby’s moms or someone who could have spoken to him on it..PRIOR….Sharnika betta be glad RL 52 isn’t one of my brothers because he would have been schooled.

  • unfortunately RL 52, If the kid is living with her right now and he’s healthy, living, eating, breating and going to schoo.; she’s obviously been taking care of him. Where is she getting that money? Her own pocket. Anything she puts out for the child now on her own is what you are NOT doing. The child is here and living 11 years on this Earth. Who has been taking care of him all of that time? Financially I mean. I love ya RL 52 but, I’m not with you on this one. If you don’t trust her, then ask for sole custoday or to be the parent of primary residence…That way you gain control over how the child is financially cared for with your money. The child is a male, so he is going to need to have his father play an integral part of his “coming of age” so-to-speak, years. What’s tricky with this is that a court appointed guardian will not be able to determine or best determine the childs needs on an hour by hour or day by day basis. Remember child support accounts for the childs portion of ALL living expenses including housing costs, transportation to and from whereever whenever, food, healthcare, daycare, extra curricular activities etc etc etc and so on and so force. The only way RL 52 would be able to monitor the money is if he had parental control. That would mean he would need to be the custodial parent. Oh yeah I’m a baby’s momma too but my kid isn’t a kid he’s an adult now. I can honestly say I’ve always done right by my son’s child support (cops salary) but I work full-time in a real job-some of these women with children by ballers well cough cough cough..NO COMMENT…handout, payday, cha ching…..

  • Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens linebacker, is facing a fight over the child support paid to his son’s mother Sharnika Kelly. Kelly is seeking to increase the $3,500.00 per month support paid for the benefit of the parties’ child, stating that when she signed the agreement in 2001, Lewis failed to disclose some of his financial assets. Lewis counters that Kelly was represented when she signed and should have contested the agreement at that time. Kelly has asked a judge to allow a forensic accountant to review Lewis’ assets to determine his exact income. Lewis has filed objections. In Virginia, the items relevant to a child support determination would be the parents’ incomes, payments made toward the child’s health insurance, and work-related child care expenses. Certainly Lewis’ income is relevant for child support purposes, but a judge will have to decide if the extreme measure of forensic investigation is warranted in this case.

  • I love Ray, however he has managed to make babies 6 times with 4 different women. He claims he is heavily with God but the last two were with different women in Baltimore 6 and four years ago. Ray get a vasectomy. A lot of pro athletes should ala Mr. Cromartie. I didn’t like this article stating it is a norm for athletes. Anyway I understand him wanting to check on this, but he looked fine with her on the Documentary Ray Lewis: A football life.

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