Report: Knicks Willing to Trade Amar’e Stoudemire To Rent Dwight Howard

I believe the Knicks have come to the conclusion that most of us saw from the beginning, that Amare and Carmelo don’t mesh well together.

Specifically Amar’e seems lost when Carmelo is on the floor.

Melo is a dominant scorer and needs ball in his hands. Since he is a perimeter player he can do that, but Amar’e needs someone to feed him the ball, since he doesn’t play any defense or rebound if he isn’t scoring he is sort of useless.

The Knicks don’t have a good point guard, so Melo just controls the rock. So I could see them trying to move one of them, but would Dwight Howard be a prudent move?

The Knicks have opened talks that would send Amare Stoudemire to Orlando in a swap to rent Dwight Howard, reports Donny Marshall — former NBA player and current CSNNE reporter — on NBC SportsTalk Thursday.

There are a whole lot of questions around this one. Starting with, the Knicks are not one of the teams on Howard’s list where he said he would sign an extension (Nets, Lakers, Mavericks and Magic). If they get him, the Knicks would essentially risk just renting him because Howard could opt out at the end of the season and leave with the Knicks getting no compensation. Clearly, if they got him they think they could get him to change his mind and sign long term.

Thing is the Knicks already have a good center — they just signed Tyson Chandler to a four-year, $58 million deal. Is the plan to ship Chandler out, too? Trade him to Orlando for the Hedo Turkoglu deal? Because the cost of keeping Howard (who will get a new max deal) and Chandler would put the Knicks way into the new, increasingly stiff luxury tax.

Once again believe nothing until it actually happens.

This particular report seems to have a lot of holes in it. I do believe at some point the Knicks will try to move Amar’e but not for Dwight I just don’t see that happening.

One thing I do know………….


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