Reports: Colts Leaning Toward Cutting Peyton Manning

I told you months ago.


I hope Peyton comes back 100% and is playing week 1 of the 2012 season, but taking personal feelings out of it, from a business perspective it makes no sense for the Colts to keep Manning.

I thought that three months ago and I really believe it now, based on the decisions Jim Irsay has made.

They have fired their GM and Coach, they are going to draft Andrew Luck and the coach they hired is a tough nosed defensive minded guy.

The Colts are starting over fresh and it is unlikely Manning fits into that equation.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter,  the odds are right now that the Indianapolis Colts will be moving on from quarterback Peyton Manning.

Schefter said that the odds of Manning staying with the Colts are “very slim. Every single sign points to Peyton Manning leaving Indianapolis.”

Schefter also indicated that the odds of the Colts cutting Manning are “very high. Most people around the league now expect that.  It’s a near-certainty.

People incorrectly try to point to older quarterbacks in the league who have been successful, but none of them have missed an entire year while having three neck surgeries.

It would be different is Peyton hurt his knee or even his shoulder, but you have to be prudent with neck injuries, you just don’t know how a player will come back for that.

If the Colts were close to being Super Bowl contenders, you roll the dice with Manning, but they aren’t so the best thing for the franchise and Manning is to cut the cord.

It was a good ride, but time to move on.