Reports That Lil Wayne Was the Person Dez Bryant Fought With are Inaccurate


There have been several reports that Dez Bryant got into an altercation with Lil Wayne. Those reports are inaccurate.

We confirmed with our original source who was first to alerted us to the fact that Bryant got into an altercation that it was a heckler at the club who was giving Bryant a hard time.

We reported details of this yesterday (Dez Bryant’s Fight at Club Started Over Fan Dissing Cowboys & Bryant’s Debts).

Was this person a member of Wayne’s entourage?

All I can tell you is that rappers and athletes travel with HUGE entourages at all times. Floyd Mayweather once famously said that he didn’t even know the names of half of his entourage.

It is possible the “fan” could have been part of Wayne’s entourage, but I can 100% say that Wayne was not involved in any of the blows that were thrown between Bryant and the individual.


  1. Nope. The person wasn’t part of Wayne’s entourage because Wayne wasn’t there. He only hangs out with championship winning teams!

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