Rockets Kyle Lowry Charged With Assulting a Female Ref With Basketball in Pick Up Game

I don’t think this is worth a criminal charge.

If Lowry threw a basketball at a male ref would we even be talking about this?

Women want to be treated equally you can’t run to the police after a glorified dodge ball incident. That is sort of soft in my opinion.

Here is what happened.

According to the charges, the allegations stem from a basketball game Lowry was playing in between NBA players on Sept. 22, 2011 in Las Vegas.

The female victim, Infini Robinson, was one of the referees in the game.

The declaration of warrant/summons said, “At the end of the game, Lowry approached the victim and threw a basketball at her striking her in her torso. The victim picked up the basketball and tossed it back at Lowry. Lowry became upset and stated, ‘B****, meet me outside. I will kick you’re a**’.”

The warrant goes on to allege that after Lowry walked away, Robinson went to the designated area for officials to change shoes and clothing, and she was hit with a basketball at a high rate of speed.

Also according to the warrant, Charlotte Bobcats forward Corey Maggette apologized to Robinson on behalf of Lowry and that Lowry also approached Robinson and said, “I’m sorry. I truly apologize for what I did. I let my emotions get the best of me.”

Lowry went overboard, but I am going to assume the police have real crimes to investigate not a basketball throwing incident.

Lowry apologized that is good enough, I have seen a lot worse in hood pick up games and the police just drove right past as if they didn’t see anything.

Waste of time.

One thought on “Rockets Kyle Lowry Charged With Assulting a Female Ref With Basketball in Pick Up Game

  • this is stupid,i geuss the world will need more police if everyone is gonna cry about minor thangs, hell next time im in the club and somebody step on my toes ima call the police lmao, thats the reason why they have the NBA and the WMBA, women can not be treated equal at all, it that was a man ref the only thing you would be hearing about is a fine, women are delicate and dont belong in then group with men. i think she is in this for the money she is lookin for a settlement!!!!!!!!! CAN YOU SAY GOLD DIGGER.

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