Roddy White to Stacey Hott: “I’m the Father of your Kid, But Hold Up on That Child Support”


Last month Stacey Hott let it be known that she wanted Falcons WR Roddy White to pay up for her newborn child (Stacey Hott Wants Falcons Roddy White to Show Her the Money, Files Paternity Suit).

At the time White wasn’t saying that he was or wasn’t the father of the child, but it appears the paternity suit has come back and Maury has confirmed he is the Baby Daddy.

Atlanta Falcons stud wide receiver Roddy White is stepping up to the plate in his paternity case and admitting he IS the father of a 5-month-old baby boy — but there’s a catch … TMZ has learned.

White filed legal documents in Georgia earlier this month … acknowledging he DID father a child with a Georgia banker named Stacey Hott … and he’s willing to accept responsibility.

But according to the docs, White isn’t ready to fork over child support just yet — despite Hott’s claim that he’s capable of providing a “generous” amount due to his massive NFL salary.

I don’t know Ms Hott, so I don’t know if this was her plan or she generally liked White but it doesn’t really matter now. White failed to listen to something I have been saying for years….

“Condoms $8 at Walgreens >>> 25% of your gross income for 18 years”

Can’t feel sorry for him, you have to wrap up or you have to pay up, just ask Terrell Owens.


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