Serena Williams in a Bikini (Photos)


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Considering she lost early at the Australian Open she had plenty of time to hit the beach with her assistant.

The assistant isn’t a bad looking Tigerstyle lady, just gets dwarfed in the presence of She Hulk.

23 thoughts on “Serena Williams in a Bikini (Photos)

  • with her “white friend” ???

    • Mr. Robert likey the “white girls”

  • I’d be all over Serena Williams, of course, some of us aren’t blessed enough to handle all that if you know what I mean.

  • Serena is built very manly imo…..she just seems more masculine than feminine in the physique standpoint. Heck of a tennis player though!

  • The white chick has absolutely no curves.

    Serena got a phat ass and a mean set of thunder thighs. But she also carries a swole, male torso with breasts attached to it–which is topped off by a large masculine-looking head and face.

    But she’s a great tennis player:)

    • In depth analysis lol

  • serena is very sexy her boobs…

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