Shameika Brailsford Says Steelers WR Antonio Brown Kidnapped Their Son


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Normally you hear about athletes who aren’t heavily involved in their children lives.  This is the opposite situation as Brown appears to be taking responsibility and care of his son, but the mother says that isn’t the case.

She is accusing him of holding their son for hostage.

Brown denies that claim of course and TMZ picks up the rest of the story.

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown ran off with his child and is refusing to give the kid back to his mother … so says Antonio’s baby mama — but the NFL player claims she’s flat out LYING in a soulless scheme to make a quick buck. 

Shameika Brailsford filed docs in Miami, claiming Antonio has had custody of their 4-year-old son in Pennsylvania for months, while he plays with the Steelers — and she’s worried to death he’s not being taken care of.

Shameika says 23-year-old Antonio took the child — also named Antonio — without her permission, and she hasn’t had contact with the kid since Antonio took him away.

Now, Shameika’s asking the court for an emergency child pick-up order — which would require law enforcement to pick up her child and bring him back to her in Florida … asap.

But Antonio’s lawyer Jason Marks says Shameika is lying through her teeth — telling us, “None of that is true. The mother consented to the child living with Mr. Brown back in February.”

The lawyer adds, “The mother obviously knew where the child was the entire time and, in fact, Mr. Brown recently arranged for the mother to visit with the child in Pittsburgh. This is nothing more than a classic attempt to shake down a professional athlete for money.”


Brown takes their son without permission for months and Ms. Brailsford is just trying to get him back today?

Does that sound strange to you?

I try not to take sides in these types of situations because the only two people that really know what is going on are Antonio and Shameika, but if someone took my child without permission I would be on the phone with the POLICE the day that it happened.

But that is just me, maybe Shameika needed a year to realize her son was gone.

Shameika has deleted her Twitter probably because she didn’t want the public to see messages like this.

 “Nails done feet done hair done 18 inch hanging down my back LOL I’m so like thee baddest BM a n**a can have”

Such a lady.


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    Seriously though, let that man take care of his son.

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