Snoop Dogg To Kris Humphries: “You Shouldn’t Have Tried to Wife The B*tch” (Video)


Hard to take Snoop seriously when he is wearing that hat, but I digress.

To be honest, the story he tells about Kimmy and Reggie Bush in Africa is funnier, than the actual advice he gives to Kris Humphries.

I respectfully disagree with Doggy Dogg.

You always try to wife someone whose family net worth is closing in on $100 million. Humphries problem was he couldn’t keep the charade up long enough to cash enough of those checks.

It is much better to wife a Kardashian than a Swedish Nanny.

Even though Kim filed for divorce, The Hump didn’t lose any of his houses, did he?


  1. Snoop right. The Kartrashians is a joke and Kim was taught be her mom. Anyway they are also in that little reason for “success” story with all those other “elite” crew. Their not that brilliant for making money, its all an agenda at the end of the day.

  2. I agree with your point of view…the Hump got to tap dat azz (hopefully) married/ alimony…no child support… no property loss lol…he made out ok if you ask me

  3. Once again…..

    The Hump is a 6’10 NBA Baller not an average joe. The kardashians may be worth X amount of dollars but his nba career and sponsorships can potentially double hers.

    • “his nba career and sponsorships can potentially double hers.”……Really???…C’mon Man….he’s NOT LeBron or Dwade or Kobe..he’s Kris Humphries….unless he suddenly turns into Jordan he will only be a journyman NBA player at best…hopefully he’ll luck out and maybe end up on a championship team one day….

      • That’s why I said “potentially” Somewhere out there a foolish GM will probably overpay him. (Contract Year)
        Also, he’ll have a nice TV media job waiting for him when his career is over.

        Rob likes to brag about how much money the kardashians have but how much will they have (and lose) when their career is over? When their bodies get old and saggy, and when they are replaced by the next airhead bimbo?

        • Yeah I feel what you’re saying about the kardashians but in this “reality show” culture we live in they’ll do whatever it takes to stay relevant…..and while her body is still tight she’ll probably marry some rich dumb dumb….mama kardashian is no dummy, she’s going to milk the hell out of their so-called fame

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