Stephanie McMahon Workout Photoshoot #WWE

Is Steph still married to Triple H?

Was there ever a more strategic move in the history of the wrestling than Triple H marrying the bosses’ daughter.

The rumor is that Triple H is in better position to take over the company when Vince McMahon dies than Vince’s own son Shane.

Oh and Stephanie could still get it.

27 thoughts on “Stephanie McMahon Workout Photoshoot #WWE

  • Triple H already has an office at HQ so it’s pretty much a done deal…Shane sold his share about a year or two ago and is running a Chinese-based broadband company. I think he’s in sports management too…

  • Shane and Floyd Mayweather will wrestle HHH and an unknown opponent for control of the wwe empire.

  • Wow ROB! Your taste is that of a penny-naire? Eventhough she’s loaded w/ dough

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