Steve Nash Wants to Be The Next Action Sports Star

In the midst of the second annual “Real Snow contest presented by vitaminwater®”–an all-urban, all-video snowboarding competition where fans determine the winner,” vitaminwater announced today the possible addition of an unlikely competitor. it seems as though two-time hoops mvp, steve nash, wants to throw his winter hat in the ring.

Nash, an action sports enthusiast who’s also a vitaminwater partner, has requested a sponsorship exemption to enter ‘Real Snow.’ event officials are claiming they might consider nash’s entry if he gathers 1,000 expressions of fan support. nash plans to meet this mandate by asking for fan tweets using the twitter hashtag #letnashcompete through his @stevenash account.

“At first, we found it strange that steve said he wanted to compete in the ‘Real Snow’ competition,” said michael fedele, brand manager for vitaminwater. “he’s a tremendous athlete, and vitaminwater is all about giving people a chance at awesomeness, but c’mon, steve lives in phoenix…it hardly ever snows there. but once he said he’d be willing to rent a snowmaker machine to pull this off, we knew he was serious. who are we to stop him? ”

“Everyone seems to doubt my snow sport abilities because i play in arid conditions here in arizona,” said the man himself, steve nash. “then i told them ‘uh, hello, i lived in canada for most of my life, i’m an expert in all-things-snow.’ everyone got real quiet after that.”

Nash also revealed to vitaminwater® that he already had a trick in mind (“the corn chopper”) that he planned to videotape at his team’s facility in phoenix if allowed to enter. officials have given him until january 20th to garner the requisite fan support through the #letnashcompete twitter hashtag.

Should steve get in, he’ll be up against top notch competition, as the competitors of Real Snow are the world’s best urban snowboarders. they’ve earned their stripes as some of the most daring and exciting winter sports athletes in the world.

Voting for Real Snow is already taking place on the winner will be announced live, january 28th (2pm EDT on ESPN2.).