Terrell Owens Tells GQ He is Broke, in Hell and Doesn’t Have Any Friends

I have been doing some form of sports media on and off since I was a freshman at Ohio State and I don’t think there is anyone I have written about complex as Terrell Owens.

Whereas players like Kobe and Lebron always spark discussion they are pretty easy to figure out.

I don’t even think T.O. knows truly who he is at times.

On the one hand you want to feel bad for him, but then you realize a lot of these wounds are self inflicted. The 3rd article I ever wrote on BSO was an open letter to T.O.

I saw the path he was on and I was afraid it could lead to this, maybe not this extreme but a very bad ending. T.O. laid it all out there in to GQ.

Terrell Owens, the former NFL star receiver who has signed to play for and co-own an indoor football team, is friendless and nearly broke, he told GQ magazine. “I’m in hell,” Owens, 38, said he tells people who ask about his well-being. After the Cincinnati Bengals did not renew his one-year, $2 million contract last year, Owens has been suffering from his financial shortcomings, including ventures gone bad and child support for his four children, he said.

The $80 million or so he had made in his career is almost gone, he said, but not because he lived a lavish lifestyle. In a profile story in GQ’s February issue, Owens said his financial advisers lured him into risky investments such as an Alabama entertainment complex that cost him $2 million. He later learned the venture was illegal in the state and violated the NFL’s policy of prohibiting players from investing in gambling, he said.

He also owns a slew of properties that he thought he would be able to rent before the housing market tanked, he said. He has a home in Los Angeles that cost him $499,000 and a multimillion-dollar home that is for sale in Atlanta. The home in New Jersey for which he paid $3.9 million was sold in late 2010 for $1.7 million, he said. Owens also pays $44,600 a month in child support for his four children, ages 5 to 12. Three of the four mothers have sued him.

The football player laments about losing trust in people and friends. When people text and ask where he is, he answers, “I’m in hell. I don’t have no friends,” he told GQ. ”I don’t want no friends. That’s how I feel.

Life is all about maneuvering properly through the forks in the road and depending on which direction you go, it could really change your entire life.

I always wondered what would have happened if the Eagles won that Super Bowl against the Patriots (in my mind they were the better team) and T.O. would have been named the MVP (he played an amazing game with broken ankle).

Alas, a combination of turnovers, bad clock management and a disputed choke job by Donovan McNabb led to a loss. It sort of went downhill from that point on.

T.O. signed a contract with the Allen Wranglers of the IFL, it is his last shot to show NFL teams he can play.  If not the ending of his book will not be a happy one.

9 thoughts on “Terrell Owens Tells GQ He is Broke, in Hell and Doesn’t Have Any Friends

  • man this is a sad situation expecially bc all his wounds are self infilicted. if he had just acted properly in all the places he played hed still be playing now.He put up a great season w the bengals and would prolly put up 1k yards still. .i hope for his sake he gets a second chance

  • All self-inflicted. Next up Floyd Mayweather.

  • I don’t feel sorry for this guy. He made 80M and was paying 45k a month in child support…that’s about 10million over 18yrs (WOW…that’s a lot for being carelss)…OK Let’s do the math…Let’s say uncle Sam took half. He still has 40M – 10M in child support(thats if he was smart enuff to put the money aside cuz the states will get that child support!! I know)..OK leaves 30M. Ok…4M in homes…Ok….You still have 26M – 2M bad investment…OK…That leaves 24M. T.O. you would still have 24M after all of this and you say you didn’t live lavishly. That’s the problem with NFL’rs! Your careers are shorter and you must spend smarter. You may not have spent lavishly compared to other sports stars who go out and buy private Jets, but somehow you still managed to blow by my estimate 24M…But we know you didn’t put 10M aside for Child Support so you blew 34M.

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