Terrell Suggs in Legal Battle With Brian Bussells over “Ball So Hard University”

You know what I am mad about and I am rarely mad about anything.

As soon as Suggs said that on National TV, I thought to myself outloud.

“I should trademark that”.

Then I must have got distracted by some Mya pics and went about my business, but according to Jocks and Stiletto Jill someone was thinking the same thing and put in the papers.  Now Sizzle and Brian Bussells are going to war over who owns the phrase.

Brian Bussells, a man from Maryland, applied for a trademark three days after the game for the school name and started printing shirts. Suggs even appeared at a press conference in one of those shirts. A week and a half later, Suggs applied for the trademark and started to sell merchandise through his website.

Technically it should be Jay Z getting the money, since all Suggs did was add a little twist to it, but if Bussells beat Suggs to the punch, then Suggs is going to have to pay out.

The lesson learned here is as soon as you hear or see something that could be put on a T-Shirt, trademark it immediately.

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