Terrell Suggs on Broncos: “We Don’t Need God on our Sidelines”

Early candidate for quote of the year for T-Sizzle?

Honestly I rather listen to Suggs than Reverend Ray Lewis his quotes are more interesting and humorous.

 Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs wasted little time taking shots at Denver Broncos quarterback, Tim Tebow.

With all due respect we don’t need God on our sidelines”, Suggs told ESPN’s First Take on Tuesday morning. “Once again God had to save Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. He (Tebow) couldnt even give them two drives? 7 to 3?”

When it comes to The Starter God when the praise comes it will be over the top, but when he loses the jokes will rain down like a plague.

See what I mean.

4 thoughts on “Terrell Suggs on Broncos: “We Don’t Need God on our Sidelines”

  • Terrell just stepped in it. God has a ‘wicked’ sense of humor. Rest assured he won’t be on the Raven’s sideline during these playoffs. He’s not a big fan of arrogance, and if Suggs is a christian, hypocrisy.

    • I suppose god does have a ‘wicked sense of humor’… after all, she/he/it felt it appropriate to have the Cardinals lose to the Steelers a couple years ago in dramatic fashion after both Cards star receiver Larry Fitzgerald and Cards head coach Ken Whisenhunt guaranteed victory because god was on their side. Oh, and Dwight Howard did the same thing against the Lakers in the NBA Finals a few years back too (and lost). If anything, Suggs did the smart thing (outside of just being rational!) by doing the opposite of those guys.

  • God does not watch over, or care about, football. He is crazy about field hockey, however.

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