The Alabama Fan Who Teabagged an Unconscious LSU Fan His Been Identified

By now, you have all seen the video of (Alabama Fan Teabags LSU Fan on Bourbon Street). Whoever this guy is, he has been harassing me on Twitter for several days under the profile of @KonwayTweety.

Little did he know, because of his arrogance about the incident, the police have been looking into it and Deadspin believes they have figured out who the man is.

Here is what they found out:

A tipster told us the other day that the assailant in the Krystal teabagging incident—a “sexual battery,” as far as New Orleans police are concerned, was a man named Brian from Phenix City, Ala. We think we’ve found him.

We’re leaving his last name off for now, but two different sources emailed us identifying the same Brian; one provided the photos you see here and gave us Brian’s phone number, address (it’s not Phenix City, it turns out, but nearby), the name of his wife, and the sporting goods store where he supposedly works, Hibbett Sports.

We called the Phenix City Hibbett store and asked for Brian. The guy who answered provided the number to a Hibbett in Columbus, Ga. “That’s the store,” he said. “That’s where you’ll get your story.” We called the Columbus store, asked for Brian, and had the following exchange:

“He is no longer here.”

“Is he no longer there because of a video he appeared in?”

“He is no longer here.”

“Do you know how to get in touch with him?”



If this is true and Brian is a married man with a young son, that is pretty sad. If he was a student, I could at least chalk it up to immaturity and getting caught up in the moment.

But he is a grown man trying to live out Al Bundy fantasies with college kids.

I hope he is arrested ASAP.

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  • I would never let anyone do that to someone regardless of what team they are rooting for. Bitch ass motherfuckers.

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