TNT Kenny Smith’s Daughter Kayla Brianna Music Video “If You Love Me” on Inside the NBA


Kenny Smith is a nice guy and who wouldn’t want their daughter to achieve their dreams.  Kenny’s little girl dream was to become a singer and as Kenny announced on TNT Inside the NBA she has signed a deal with Interscope.

TNT even did a little montage of the video mashed up with highlights of the Lakers vs. Heat.

I never knock the hustle and Kenny is doing what any father would do to help his child be successful.

But if I can be blunt………………………

She is not a very good singer (not really an important trait to have in the music industry these days) and as soon as Brownstone gets off their shift at the Cheesecake Factory, I am sure they are going to be upset their song has been butchered (unless they get some royalty checks).

Still wish her well.

If you can stomach listening to this for 3:30 minute knock yourself out.




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