Update: Dez Bryant’s Fight at Club Started Over Fan Dissing Cowboys & Bryant’s Debts

We were the first to report that Dez Bryant got into an altercation a Miami nightclub.

Subsequently that report was backed up by numerous sources.  Bryant was detained by police, but was not arrested because the person he got in the scuffle with did not want to press charges.

We have now learned exclusively that the altercation took place because a fan for lack of a better term was heckling Bryant about the Cowboys lack of success on the football and Bryant’s debts that he hasn’t paid off.

Bryant who we were told had a few drinks in his system (which he is allowed to, he is a grown man) attempted to let it go, but eventually had enough and the altercation ensued.

Wasn’t anything too serious as security and Bryant’s entourage quickly broke it up.

While I can understand Bryant’s frustrations he has to be a smarter.  Fans can be assholes for lack of a better term at times, but anytime an altercation happens it is the athlete that becomes headline news.

Next time Dez just walk away.


14 thoughts on “Update: Dez Bryant’s Fight at Club Started Over Fan Dissing Cowboys & Bryant’s Debts

  • Who writes these “articles”? This is so poorly written I don’t even know what to say *smh*.

    • idk, they have bad blogs(this is a blog website, not a news) and writing, but sometimes they have some stuff that I find useful.

    • It’s the CEO, Bitch! CEOs don’t need no grammerz!

  • Dez should have just banged the guy’s wife or girlfriend…that would show him

  • sure dez has to be smarter and more responsible. i put that on YOU as well. YOU put in bold headlines he was arrested and you didn’t have the facts at all.

    Bloganism – where did integrity go in reporting? where is YOUR role in making dez much more of a “villian” than he actually was? where is your responsibility in what you report?

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